Colleagues say (scroll below for "listeners say")

"Few in the world can do what Joe does" - Camilo Carrara

"Very proud of all you've accomplished" - Don Glanden 

"A thousand kudos to you, Joe! - Matt Mielnick

"Joe is a poet with a piano" - Meredith Davies Hadaway   

"Joe Holt is a gem" - Chuck Redd

"Truly extraordinary" - Sharon Sable 

"A brilliant pianist" - Robert Redd

"An amazing player" - Dave Robinson

"You are a genius" - Matthew Brower 

"Incomparable" - Joe Midiri

"You rock" - Libby York

"You are, and have, such a gift" - Suede

"A wonderfully sensitive pianist" - Tom Lagana

"An incredibly perceptive musician" - Ken Schleifer 

"His range is great. I am deeply impressed" - Tom McHugh

"Watching Joe perform is like a spiritual experience" - Vincent Varrassi

"I really like the way you play" - Larry McKenna

“Monk, McKenna and Fats all mixed into one.” - Jeff Phillips

"Always delightful and inspirational" - Rosemary Benson

"A marvelously creative sorcerer of spontaneity" - Max Murray 

"The joy when he plays is boundless and infectious" - Felicia Carter 

"Your talent is immense and you are so fun to work with' - Stephanie LaMotte

"Joe does with the piano what Robin Williams does with comedy" - Keith Thompson 

"Your left hand is a machine and your right hand a creator of exquisite art" - Seth Kibel

"If you've got it in you, Joe Holt will get it out of you" - Mike McShane

"Joe has had such a big impact on my musical journey" - Nate Grower

"Joe Holt gets a lot more out of me than I should be able to play" - Cody Leavel 

"There is no more generous, selfless or fearless musician than Joe Holt" - Philip Dutton

"Always fun and stimulating to keep up with the high bar you set just by being you" - John Ewart 

"You make the world much better" - Tom Anthony

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 "The most in-tune accompanist I have ever encountered, and not just because he hits the right notes (haha), but because he is able to meet those who share a stage with him exactly where they are. He isn't thrown off by switching genres or trying new arrangements. Musically speaking, he takes the hand of the one he's accompanying and together they find that sacred place of connection with their audience. It's a beautiful thing to witness, both as a fan and a fellow performer. He's quite simply the best."   Beth McDonald  

"It's always such a kick sharing a stage with Joe. Along with his legendary stride piano, sense of swing and soloing, his musicianship is always an inspiration to those playing with him. - Steve Abshire

 "Performing with Joe Holt is an exhilarating experience. He lays down a great cushion, he swings and listens/reacts on the highest level. I can’t wait until we play together again!    Steve Herberman  

"WOW…. I LOVE JOE HOLT!  Joe is the consummate piano accompanist - truly a gifted musician. Let me set the scene:  We’re doing a “show”.  My music charts are not etched in stone…MY 1st mistake….Joe decides to quote 4 or 5 different songs in the middle of the song that I’m CURRENTLY singing, which makes me laugh….My 2nd mistake… I “egg” him on, and I can’t help it, He’s FUNNY! Sometimes what he’s playing makes ME stop and just listen.  He’s so musically entertaining that I’ll stop and say something like “Oh Yeah, well, can you play my song with this or that feel - of course being the great pianist that he is, with the biggest ears (musical ears) ever, He complies….and this is all in the middle of my song...our show!  (LOL) Together, we are both musically crazy, and that’s why IT WORKS!  We WILL DELIVER a show! I’m sure that anyone that works with Joe is very comfortable with him and what he brings to the “show”.  I truly enjoy working with Joe.  He’s quite the “musical showman”!  His sense of humor always shows up in his music…YOU GOTTA LISTEN TO CATCH IT ALL!  His humor always comes through, but music is first and it’s ALWAYS musically tasteful, and there are NO MISTAKES!!  The audiences LOVE HIM, and so do I!"  Paula Johns      

"Amazing Joe. There are very few piano players in the world that can improvise like this  
I stand in awe. You have such incredible control over what you do - your interaction with the music and the instrument. Thanks for inspiring me.  Jason Long

"The first words that come to mind when I think about Joe Holt's piano playing are passion, commitment, soulfulness and swinging! I always look forward to playing music with Joe. It's a gratifying experience every time."  Steve Beskrone 

 "Since first meeting Joe in high school I have always been amazed by his musical talent. My brother and I both have been fortunate enough to work with him for forty plus years. He has an amazing ear and technique, with a great jazz feel. But most of all he has a style all his own, something unique in music today. I always enjoy working with Joe because I enjoy listening to him and I believe anyone who hears him will feel the same."  Paul Midiri

"Joe Holt is a musician who has absorbed the feel and technique of the great jazz pianists, from Hines, to Garner, to Jarrett. This immersion has enabled him to do what it is all jazz musicians strive for, to speak in his own voice."   Danny Tobias

 "In my opinion, the true mark of a "musician" or "artist" is one who indelibly leaves his mark on anything he does. You, my friend Joe, have unquestionably done so. You have such a wonderful, characteristic style of playing, obviously inspired, and drawing from all that you know, feel and have experienced up until the exact moment a note is struck. Musician-artist you are indeed." Roger Friedman

 Listeners say

"Joe touches lives wherever he goes" - Jonathan M.

"When you listen to Joe, listen with your heart." - Grace R.

"This man is authentically sharing himself." - Greg N.

“Always one with the keyboard. Giving it voice, giving it life.” - Beth O.

"You are a treasure" - James V,

"I learn a lot from you" - Eydi G.

"Solo Joe, I just love" - Becky B.

"You never disappoint" - Linda H.

"Always a treat to listen to Joe" - Peter G.

"I love to watch you do your thing!" - Amy N.

"Your playing always makes me happy! - Tom S.

"Who needs a jazz band when you’ve got Joe Holt?" - Beth B.

"Joe makes the piano sound like a full orchestra" - Lynn H.

"I love the traditional values of your playing." - Don R.

 "As a musician, I appreciate your combination of classical and jazz." - Louise C.

"You are the most eloquently musical person EVAH!" - Paula J.

"Joe is able to bond with his audiences, and one of the best improvisers I’ve heard.” - Bill W..

"Victor Borge is smiling somewhere." - Roger F.

"Wildly creative and most entertaining." - Dave B.

"Liberace would be proud of you." - Philip D.

"I was waiting for some smoke to come out of that piano!" - Barry H.

"I don't think I will ever tire of the genius of Joe Holt on the piano!" - Ida S.

"The better I get at playing the piano, the more I appreciate your genius." - Ian G.

"No matter what Joe plays it's always an amazing work of musical genius" - Dave S.

"Your talents are a great blessing to others and I thank you for sharing them" - Len B. 

"You've got an amazing, divine gift" - Suzanne B.

"Man Joe, you are a sick cat." - Stephen R.

"Just wow!" - Dave R.

"Awesome dude, simply awesome." - Stephen O.

"I envy you for your musical inventiveness, and for your hair." - Wolfgang R.

"Your music performances always move me deeply." - Johnny M.

"You play with so much emotion. Really lovely." - Christiane G.

"Thank you for the beautiful music." - Jim M.

"Your playing is so special" - Sharon S. 

"As smooth as silk" - Stanley J.

"Like no one else" - Bud R.

"Your music is joyous and inspiring" - Richard S.

"Inspiring. Captivating. Thank you for what you do" - Ross B.

"I credit you with helping maintain my sanity, such as it is." - Debra C.

"You seem to know exactly what to play to touch my heart."  - Katherine Y.

"Outstanding solo work, stuff that gets into the marrow of your bones." - Bob J.

""Superb, adventurous, yet never losing the feel of the original tune" - Ann A

"Monk, McKenna and Fats all mixed into one." - Jeff P.

"Lordy, how many fingers do you have??????" - Roo B.

"I sure wish I could play like you, Joe! You must have a blast! - Mark P.

"Every time you touch a piano my brain melts." - Nathan W..

"You continue to be my inspiration." - Bernie C.

"You are an excellent musician & accompanist …. a true inspiration" - Janet M.

"You made me a better piano player and are an inspiration to us all!" - Andrew W.

"Your music is so filled with God and happiness." - Mary G.