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In response to the dramatic changes to the landscape that musicians face, I began livestreaming, from home, a few weeks into the COVID pandemic. Soon thereafter I started the weekly "Escape, From Home" piano hour that continues, on Tuesday evenings at 7pm(ET) on my Facebook page. This has become its own thing, reminiscent of the years I played the piano room at JRs Pub in Chestertown, MD, with a virtual community; listening, socializing and sharing the space. More recently, I added a livestream on Wednesday evenings titled "Inside the Process", where I share from my perspective and experience. The connections that music facilitates are why I play the piano professionally. And I've been blessed to do this my entire (working) life, with no intention of stopping now. In a restaurant environment, the tip jar sweetens the deal for the musician. In a livestream, such as mine, the tip jar (in it's various manifestations) is everything. So I am most grateful to all who "drop a tip in the jar". There are 3 ways to do this:

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A shout out to top supporters:

  • Richard Scalenghe
  • Ed Klein
  • Linda Weimer
  • Lynn Hilfiker
  • David Sparks
  • Len Boesger
  • Debra Woodruff-Capper

  • Becky Byrd
  • Johnson Fortenbaugh
  • Lesley O'Leary
  • Lynn Henderson
  • Carol and Bill Edwards
  • Greg and Kelly Nichols
  • Jim and Katie Harris
  • Alison Loughran
  • James Vandewal

And a big thank you to EVERYONE who chips in. I am grateful to all of you!


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