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Vemno - @Joe-Holt-58 (5784)

In response to the dramatic changes to the landscape that musicians faced, I began livestreaming, from home, a few weeks into the COVID pandemic. These weekly livestreams have evolved, and are now video premieres uploaded to my JoeHoltsNotes YouTube channel (available to watch anytime thereafter):

The View From the Piano Bench - Wednesday evenings at 7pm

Piano For My Friends - Thursday evenings at 7pm

in addition  to "Sunday evening hymns" posted on either my main (joeholtsnotes) or annual (joeholtsnotes2023) YouTube channels each week, and liked to on my Facebook page

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A shout out to top supporters, over the evolution of these livestreams and videos:

  • Richard Scalenghe
  • Michael McConnell
  • Linda Weimer
  • Lynn Hilfiker
  • David Sparks
  • Len Boesger
  • Debra Woodruff-Capper

  • Becky Byrd
  • Johnson Fortenbaugh
  • Lesley O'Leary
  • Lynn Henderson
  • Sherry Greener
  • Carol and Bill Edwards
  • Greg and Kelly Nichols
  • Jim and Katie Harris
  • Alison Loughran
  • James Vandewal
  • Ed Klein

And a big thank you to EVERYONE who chips in. I am grateful to all of you!


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