Joe is available on a limited basis for online or in-person instruction (in the Chestertown, MD area), to help you discover and achieve your musical goals. 

"I am a later-in-life student and although I can play a little and can hear well, I am a beginner. Joe innately understands where I want to go with my playing and how to get me there. He is a wonderful teacher. He is patient, kind, and encouraging. Joe is an amazing pianist with a profound musical knowledge. He has been able in a few months to explore piano concepts and theory with me so that I am beginning to find my voice on this instrument I love so much. I am very grateful to Joe for guiding me on this journey." - Jan B.

"Joe is a fine teacher, whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been playing all your life. I’m in the latter group, and Joe has helped me improve my technique as well as open up new approaches to playing." - Steve P.

""Joe is such a great teacher. He has taken me from exactly where I am to the next steps. Patient and kind, he can identify the essence of what's next for you on piano. Great for singers who want to learn to accompany themselves and deepen their musical knowledge" - Libby Y.

"You helped me tremendously to be good enough to back myself. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be able to perform in the clubs." - Sue T. 

"Joe is a real pleasure to work with and study from. He helped me realize my value as a musician; and helped shaped the way I interpret jazz, music as a whole, and music’s impact on life. He also is an all around great guy. 10/10 for a teacher, 10/10 for personality, 10/10 for going above and beyond." - Michael D.

""Joe is patient and considerate, and I’m grateful  for his expertise in all areas of music. May he continue to enrich others with his great musical skills."  - Lesley O.

"Joe is an incredibly perceptive musician and an incredible teacher." - Ken S.


A note from Joe: 
"Though I I do not have an advanced degree (a B.A. in music from Rowan University), I do have over 45 years of training in the school of being a full time pianist, in many applications. I have studied, most notably, classical piano with Yoheved Kaplinsky and jazz piano with Don Glanden. I am Board Certified in Music Therapy (MT-BC), which offers additional perspective on making and communicating with music. I take a special joy in being part of a student's musical discovery and ownership of their musical path. I can help you set and achieve your goals, find your space, and experience the joy and fulfillment of connecting with music - and beyond.  Let's have a conversation!"


Lesson rate: $75/hour. Discount available for recurring schedule.

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