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"Once Upon a Summertime - The Music of Blossom Dearie" - Sharon Sable and Joe Holt:

 "This album is one for the ages ,,," - Raul DaGaga - JazzDaGama (2023)  Read review

"simply mesmerizingly quaint, and wholly ambient new album" - Anne Carlini - Exclusive Magazine (2023)    Read review

"Joe Holt's piano is superb, adventurous and complementing the singer well, yet never losing the feel of the original tune throughout his improvisation." - Anne Alex - BeBop Spoken Here (2023)

"Sharon Sable began her career singing and recording pop music, often supporting and opening shows for major acts. However she eventually tired of that lifestyle and wanted to perform more subtle music. She settled in South Jersey, began singing jazz, and has been developing a fine career ever since. 
Pianist Joe Holt has been a fulltime professional musician for over 45 years and is heard at his best in swing settings. He is perhaps best known for his longtime association with the Midiri Brothers with whom he has performed at many jazz festivals. 
On Once Upon A Summertime, Sharon Sable and Joe Holt (with bassist Amy Shook added on seven of the numbers) play a dozen songs associated with Blossom Dearie. Since Dearie was equally skilled as a singer (where she had a high little-girl’s voice) and as a sophisticated and swinging pianist, it was the task of Sable and Holt to bring back her spirit without copying her too closely, and they succeed. In fact, their shared purpose and musical compatibility is so strong that they often sound like a single pianist-singer rather than two individuals. 
This set features such Blossom Dearie staples as “You Fascinate Me So,” the uptempo “Down With Love,” “They Say It’s Spring,” “Gentleman Friend,” and “I Like You, You’re Nice” with Holt taking “Surrey With The Fringe On Top” as a solo piano feature. Sharon Sable’s sensitive singing on “Once Upon A Summertime” (which contrasts with the hard-swinging “Down With Love”) makes the title cut one of the set’s highpoints. 
Blossom Dearie fans and those who like first-class interpretations of lyrics will certainly enjoy Once Upon A Summertime which is available from" Scott Yanow - LA Jazz Scene (2023)

Keeping A Hand In This, And That, And The Other Thing:  

"An excellent stride/swing pianist based in the Northeast who gained some recognition during his stints with the Midiri Brothers, Joe Holt performs a swinging solo set on this recent recording. 
The music is a fine all-round effort which a fairly wide range. Among the songs that Holt swings are “As Time Goes By,” “The Woody Woodpecker Song,” “Jeepers Creepers,” “Hallelujah,” and a hot exploration of “Maple Leaf Rag” that finds him really stretching out on the rag’s second theme. He also performs a few departures including two free but melodic improvisations (“Blooming” and “Hope”), “Amazing Grace,” and Bach’s “Minuet In G.” 
Everything works well on this solo outing which features Joe Holt at his best. The delightful CD is available from"         Scott Yanow - LA Jazz Scene (2020)


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"The ever tasteful Joe Holt is a soloist extraordinaire, an intense musician with terrific chops, who shows you he means business." "His versatility shows up early and often."                    Cam Miller - The American Rag (2006/2011) - Read Review

"Joe Holt is a comping wizard" - Joe Lang, New Jersey Jazz Society - (2008)


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