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"I'm one of these crazy people who has lived life with a sense of a calling, rather than perusing what might actually make sense (for "normal" folk). For over 40 years, starting as a teenager in the 1970's, I have been a full time performing pianist. I'm blessed to have lived this life, and suspect that I'm not finished.  As you navigate around my website, you will get a sense of what I'm about (traditionally minded piano, in the moment), what I've done (extensive regional preforming, some bursts of national along the way), and what I'm doing now (comfortably settled on Maryland's Eastern Shore, making a contribution and sharing the space).  And I'd love to share music, in the space, with you."


"He has found the elusive balance sought by all jazz musicians: the balance between the craft of performing music that is recognizable as being in the traditions of jazz, and the artistry of creating a very personal expression within those same traditions." - Ed Wise - Tri-State Jazz Society


Join Joe on YouTube, on Wednesday evenings at 7pm(ET) for "My View from the Piano Bench", and Thursday evenings at 7pm fpr "Piano For My Friends". Click on the links for more info. 


Note that Joe's performance schedule is now listed on the "shows" page, here on this site. To view past performances (going back to 2005), visit http://joesschedule.blogspot.com/  

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