"Piano For My Friends" is the post-lockdown continuation of the "Escape, From Home" piano hour livestream; now a video premiere, every Thursday at 7pm, on my joeholtsnotes YouTube Channel. Videos remain archived on the channel and can be watched anytime.


"It’s a joy to watch ideas and influences come into your head, out your fingers, through the ether of technology, then into our ears and souls." - Johnson F.

"I am so thankful for the great fortune of being able to listen to you play the piano, which you do as no one else, here in my home." - Ida S.

"Thank you for sharing the Escape, From Home videos. It truly is an escape in the most unsettling of times" - Jim M

"I missed you last night, so watched/listened this morning - what a great way to start my day." - Katherine Y.

"I enjoy this so much...you have no idea how much...thank you, tons!!!"  Josie C

"Thanks Joe! Had a yucky day at work and you made it all go away." Allison L

"Always love those transitions between songs. Magical." - Beth B. 

"Thanks, Joe. It was a lovely vacation for my mind!" - Lynn H.

"Thank you again and again and again, Joe!." - Carol E.

"Thank you Joe. Take us away." - Linda H.



From Joe's home to yours.

Sometimes, Joe escapes from home, literally, to join you from another home, or stage, or wherever he happens to be, every Tuesday night.