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January, 2013

                             A New Year, but the Same Joe
So, here I am, with less than half an hour to go in January, and I'm about to send out my Jaunary newsletter (hurry up, Joe, 25 minutes to get it done!). Oh well     :) 
  A new year is often seen as a time of hope, opportunity and promise. For me, every day is new, and feels this way, at least potentially. Some days the landscape is bright. On others, I can't seem to see past my nose. Regardless of how incomplete my view may  be, I know there is provision and providence, and in these the picture is complete.
I'm glad to be able to share with you where the path will take me in 2013. 
Blessings on your path.
Thanks for reading ... (and happy new year!)
Joe's Schedule


Featured events:


WEDNESDAY 2/20/13: 7pm
"Women Helping Women" at the Garfield Center for the Arts, Chestertown MD
Joe returns as musical director for this annual fundraising event supporting the work of Dr. Maria Boria. Always a magical evening, and a full house.

SUNDAY 2/24/13: 10:45am
Joe in concert at the Melwood Church of the Nazarene, Upper Marlboro, MD
Joe returns to the Melwood Church; performing a solo concert of sacred hymns and spiritual song, in the morning service hour.  


SATURDAY 3/9/13:  8pm 

Beth Mcdonald & Joe: "Singing Our Stories" - Garfield Center for the Arts, Chestertown MD

In Singing Our Stories Beth and Joe, joined by Mike McShane (drums/percussion) and Jeff Davis (bass), combine original compositions and classic gems; weaving a unique musical melding of classic and contemporary, joys and sorrows, soul searching and carefree romping. Join us for an evening that will touch your heart and spirit

   Joe performs with:

FRIDAY 2/15/13: 6-9pm
Shore Jazz at Jerry's Seafood, Lewes, DE
Happy Mardi Gras!

SATURDAY 2/16/13: tba
Spontaneous Invention at Abbot's Grill, Milford, DE
Dave, Mike and Joe for Valentine's weekend

FRIDAY 3/8/13: 6-9pm

Shore Jazz at Jerry's Seafood, Lewes, DE

Happy Jazz and a crab bomb. Perfect!  



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 Receive a new piano  track from me each week. Really!   

From the Mailbag/Comment Box

 Great accompaniment.  Restrained, tasteful, smart

Thank you for the music. So beautiful, cheers me up when the day is gloomy.

Joe, you always brighten the room. I look forward to the next time.

Thank you again very much for your unforgettable concert here last night.


Sir, I cannot even begin to explain how brilliant this is!

I just put your link on my dad's Facebook page. Thanks Joe. Love your playing. Wonderful CD and tribute.  (Thank YOU, Steve McKenna)




New (and noteworthy) on You Tube
Video posted since the last newsletter:

And from the video post archive:
This casual performance post from 2007 was brought back into my view recently by a thoughtful comment. Also a nice look back to a room I enjoyed playing for about a dozen years.  

Joe's You Tube Channels
Performance documentation channels:


and the 


In the News (blog)

CD Review - "In the Spirit of Dave McKenna" - All About Jazz 


Women Helping Women 2013


Joe Returns to Melwood Church of the Nazarene on 2/24/13


"In the Spirit of Dave McKenna" CD Review - Chestertown Spy 


A (partial) return to music ministry




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Join the Street Team
My most recent public concerts (apart from the many
local restaurant gigs I perform, with several groups and artists in the Delaware Beach resort areas) have been with Beth McDonald. And on March 9th. Beth and I launch a new joint concert concept: "Singing Our Stories". This one, at the Garfield Center for the Arts, in Chestertown MD, is squarely on our home turf (I can walk there from my house). Help us spread the word!
Promotional materials (including posters) are available. 
E-mail me, and I'll hook you up.  Thanks!
Lessons for the Thoughtful Pianist
Lessons for the Thoughtful Pianist has gone digital! no more waiting for the mail to arrive with papers to lose, and a CD to scratch up.  

From the Journal
Found my first piano book, with the back page certificate signed by my teacher, Mr. Alfred Schmidt. I believe that he was 78 years old when he first came to our house in his little red Mustang. In the (really) small world department, I recently met Dallas Smith, a bass player from Arlington, VA, and discovered that we grew up in (nearly) adjacent towns; he a few houses away from Mr. Schmidt, in Audubon  NJ. This gets me to thinking more broadly. When people come together in any sort of common bond or endeavor, it is (necessarily) the intersection of divergent paths. Commonality is then undergirded by diversity. Collaboration is a unique melding of perceptions and experiences
Whatever might be considered in common becomes a starting point of uniqueness in a particular relationship. Then a new (common) voice emerges. And the individual voices are further refined. Growth - starting with the Ada Ricther piano course, book 1. 


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