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November 2012

                                     Time to be Thankful 
Here we are again, my favorite time of the year. I hope this finds you well. Yes, I missed last month (I know, you didn't notice. But don't tell me that), but I have a good excuse (this time). In addition to all that's growing and progressing (and keeping me busy), Carol and I celebrated our 25th anniversary on 10/17. And we actually (for the first time in 25 years) took a trip together (see a few pictures here)! Though we returned home nearly a month ago, I still feel like I'm catching up. Here's a good last minute announcement for you: my "Sunday Supper and Jazz" solo performance at 49 West (Annapolis MD) is tonight (see Featured Performance below)! Many many performances coming up, in a number of configurations, but this is the last (public) solo concert on the books for (potentially) some time. Never attended one of my solo shows? Click here to see what you're missing. If you are in the Annapolis area this evening, tell a friend, then bring the friend. Thanks for staying connected!
Featured Performance
On Sunday, November 18, I'm privileged to return to 49 West, this time for Elana Byrd's Sunday Supper and Jazz series. I am the first solo artist to be featured by Elana, and now am the first to be invited back!
 The concert program will be influenced by my new CD release: "In the Spirit of Dave McKenna". Expect, though, as an eclectic program.
 You never know what I'm going to do. and neither do I. Click here for the Facebook event invitation page.
Performance Highlights 
solo and featured concerts:
SUNDAY 11/18/12: 7pm 
Joe performs solo piano at 49 West, Annapolis, MD  
A return to 49 West, and Elana Byrd's "Sunday Supper and Jazz" concert series.

FRIDAY 12/7/12: 8pm
Beth McDonald /w Joe at the Avalon Theatre's Stolz Listening Room, Easton, MD 
Beth returns to the Avalon, with Joe the piano. Limited seating - reserve now! 

Joe also performs with:
SATURDAY 11/17: 7-10pm
Spontaneous Invention at Hooked Seafood/Martini Bar, Rehoboth Beach, DE
This month only, Dave and Joe perform as a duo.
THURSDAY: 11/29: 7-10pm
Spontaneous Invention at Old Bay Steak House, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Jazz night at Old Bay. Join us!
FRIDAY 11/30: 6-9pm
Shore Jazz at Jerry's Seafood, Lewes, DE
Good food. Good jazz.
SATURDAY 12/8: 7-10pm
Spontaneous Invention at Hooked Seafood/Martini Bar, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Dave, Mike and Joe are back!
THURSDAY: 12/13: 7-10pm
Shore Jazz at Old Bay Steak House, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Jazz night at Old Bay. Join us!
FRIDAY 12/21: 6-9pm
Shore Jazz at Jerry's Seafood, Lewes, DE
Get your holiday spirit on!
SATURDAY 12/22: 7-10pm
Spontaneous Invention at Hooked Seafood/Martini Bar, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Get it on again! 
THURSDAY: 12/27: 7-10pm 
Spontaneous Invention at Old Bay Steak House, Rehoboth Beach, DE 
Jazz night at Old Bay. Join us! 
From the Mailbag/Comment Box
"Bravo! Wildly creative and most entertaining."


"Just terrific Joe! Wondrerful!" 


"You did Dave (McKenna) justice!"


"Your performance is nothing short of phenomenal!"  


"Joe Holt is the genuine article, an artiste, whose work is a reflection and an extension of who he is. He has found the elusive balance sought by all jazz musicians: the balance between the craft of performing music that is recognizable as being in the traditions of jazz, and the artistry of creating a very personal expression within those same traditions." 

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New (and noteworthy) on You Tube
Video posted since the last newsletter:
And from the video post archive:

Great is Thy faithfulness (2009)
This one is a unique, over the shoulder angle, taken at the Newark first Church of the Nazarene several years ago. This performance is quite different in style and approach (in places) than the version most recently posted (above). Every (experience in the) moment in unique.

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Join the Street Team 
Performance venues receive many inquiries from musicians looking for a booking. Seldom are these seriously considered, unless the venue is already familiar, or has experience with the performer(s). When a regular customer/attendee makes a suggestion to the management, the center of gravity often shifts. Are you familiar with  a small/intimate concert/performance venue (ideally with an acoustic piano) in  your area, that you feel would work for me? If so, e-mail me, and together we might make something happen!
From the Journal
Some time ago, we needed to put together a rehearsal, and chose Mike McShane's place; convenient to (most) everyone, with a "music room" already in place (including the keyboard pictured above). One problem. Mike and Lyndee have many "children"; specifically the independent furball kind. After about an hour, it stated to get quite uncomfortable. I'm allergic to cats, and I could feel the point of no return hitting. So I excused myself, driving home immediately. By the time I arrived (home), my face was quite the swollen, puffy mess. Live and learn. 

Recently, my keyboard was in the shop for a couple of weeks. Once it became clear that it wouldn't be available when needed for the next "Shore Jazz" gig, Mike offered to bring his keyboard from home. About midway through the gig I remember saying "My face feels like it's had a cat rubbed in it". Mike immediately said: "The keyboard". Yep. First time I've ever been allergic to the instrument I'm playing.  

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