Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter
March, 2012
Vol 8. No3
                                          Riding the Waves

Not talking about the ocean here (though in my fantasy world, I do own a jet ski). Not many straight lines these days, but God is in the struggle. Speaking of struggle, or challenge, try being a musician in this economy. Truthfully, though, I'm enjoying the challenge (some of the time, anyway), and the satisfaction of continuing to make progress, across the board. Multi tasking (even more than usual) is in fashion these days, as I'm positioned to ride multiple waves at the same time. This newsletter give you a flavor, with more to come! 

Featured Performance
In April, I am honored to return to St. Margaret's Church in Annapolis. MD. James Fitzpatrick runs an amazing music program at the church, including an excellent and diverse concert series. Last year, for my first shot, I was scheduled as an added "recital". This year, I hit the big time, and am included in the Music at St. Margaret's concert series. Can't wait!
"What a joy it was to watch Joe spin his magic spell with notes and quotes and improvisations that tickled the keys and the ears at the same time! The audience ate up his clever and always musical inventions at the keyboard like it was candy of the highest order. Clever, witty, and totally creative stride piano playing!"
James R. Fitzpatrick, Director "Music at St. Margaret's" Concert Series


Joe's Schedule
solo piano concerts:

SATURDAY 4/21/12:  7pm

Joe performs "A.D.D. Improvisation" at St. Margarets Episcopal Church, Annapolis, MD
From the St. Margaret's website: "Jazz Pianist Joe Holt returns for another fun concert of great jazz standards played in his unique, inimitable style. Clever, witty, and totally creative stride piano playing!" Classical theme improvisation, and Joe's signature: A.D.D. Improvisation are also featured. Visit  for more info

SUNDAY 5/13: 6:30pm
Joe performs 'A.D.D. Improvisation" for the Second Sunday Coffeehouse at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Centerville, MD.
A new venue for Joe, and close to home. A.D.D. Improvisation has something for everybody - perfect for the "all ages music venue". Come, and join in the fun!
Pianist Joe Holt is a soloist extraordinaire, an intense musician with terrific chops (who) shows you he means business.      Cam Miller  -  The American Rag

Joe also performs with:

SATURDAY 3/31/12: 7pm 
The Sherman gang: Eddie, Peggy Raley, Mike McShane, Paul Midiri and Joe, perform for the Abbott Grill's Jazz Dinner Series. From the AG website: "Come experience Abbott's Grill like you've never experienced it before! Our Jazz Dinner Series combines intimate music performances and elegant dining in our private room, just like the Supper Clubs of the 1940's." Reserve early.

THURSDAY 4/5: 8-11pm 
Joe performs with Dixieland Direct, at the Melody Tavern, Alexandria, Va
An opportunity for Joe to play with some of the area's finest trad jazzmen. A good time for sure!

FRIDAY 4/20/12: 6-9pm
Joe performs with Shore Jazz at Jerry's Seafood, Lewes, DE
Good seafood - swinging jazz! Join us!

FRIDAY 5/11/12: 6-9pm
Joe performs with Shore Jazz at Jerry's Seafood, Lewes, DE
Still swingin'!

FRIDAY 5/18: 9:30pm-12:30am

Joe performs with the Dave Schiff Trio at Nomads Jazz Club, Wilmington, DE
Joe and Mike McShane join the inimitable Dave Schiff for an evening of high energy jazz.

FRIDAY 5/25/12: 6-9pm
Joe performs with Shore Jazz at Jerry's Seafood, Lewes, DE
We're still here. Where are you?

down the road:
SUNDAY 10/7/12: 2pm
Joe performs "Happiness ... A Thing Called Stride" at the Wallingford Community Arts Center. Wallingford PA for the Tri State Jazz Society

SUNDAY 11/18/12: 7pm
Joe performs "Happiness ... A Thing Called Stride", at 49 West, Annapolis, MD for "Sunday Supper and Jazz"

 see the schedule

Mailbag/Comment Box
 Awesome! I want to play like this some day, great job!

Really enjoyed your concert presentation last night. Wonderful as always.

To say you were fabulous at the Shore Jazz concert is an

Joe is one tremendous talent playing stride piano all night long! We are having him back as soon as possible!

......who is singing ?.? "Lullulululululullululululu" (who, me?)

You are not saying "look at what I can do," you are inviting your audience to experience something alongside you. You are taking them by the hand; embracing who you are as an artist and all that you are uniquely gifted to offer the world.

You are a good salesman...ever think of an Edsel dealership?

In the News (blog)
Abbott's Grill Jazz Dinner Series

Lessons for the Thoughtful Pianist
The following excerpt is from lesson 1D: Being Your Own Editor:

"According to Miriam-Webster, interpretation can be defined as:
-to explain or tell the meaning of: present in understandable terms
-to conceive in the light of individual belief, judgment, or circumstance  
-represent by means of art: bring to realization by performance or direction
Have you ever considered any of the above definition as applicable when reading music: that you are explaining it's meaning, in understandable terms, as your performance brings the composition to realization (back to life), influenced by your own beliefs and understandings?  Though we may think of words and phrases, or musical notes and rhythm as the content of communication, these would be more accurately considered the means of (a deeper) expression. Verbally, when you want to say or express something, you are already clear in your own mind (hopefully) as to what that is prior to assigning the words you will use to make it happen. This is also true in making music. When you are reading something (verbal text or musical score), you'll need to see beyond the words/notes if you want to make the appropriate statement, with it's full impact. Interpretation is the realization of what lies beyond the page..."

This lesson will come on-line during the first week in April. .


Join the Street Team
It's not easy being an instrumental musician in today's culture. Ever since pioneering vocalists like Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra opened the door to top billing, it's been a singers world. On top of that; being an independent musician means no big promo "machine" behind you. So what do we do? Everything we can! And, every little bit helps, including simply attending performances. Thank you Donna, Linda, Rosemary, Phillip, Beth, Mary, Rebecca, Sara, Ken, Roo, Karen, Tom, and everyone else who came to a live performance in the past month. Check out the events above, and if you can make one, your show of support will be (is always) much appreciated! If you have any ideas/suggestions for promotion, or additional venues, please email us at Thanks!!   
From the Journal
A view of the Cabaret room at Germano's after my show last night. This is a wonderful restaurant and performance venue. I'm impressed, at every level. A bit of a rough night (inside of my own head), but eventually, I think my presentation went the right way. An ongoing issue with my (attempt at an eclectic) improvisation concert has been how to represent it. This was the first performance under it's new banner: "A.D.D. Improvisation". A gentlemen commented after the performance that, based upon the program description (copy which I submitted), he thought I would performing ala Dorothy Donegan (which was actually quite a compliment), but it wasn't that at all. As appropriately representing this concert has been a work in progress, I was very interested in his opinion, and asked if he thought the description was misleading, or untrue. His response: "inadequate". I owe the gentleman (whom I don't know) a debt, both for encouraging me along this (dimly lit) path, and helping me better understand what this performance is all about. This week, I will be re-writing the copy, as I look forward to the next performance of "A.D.D. Improvisation" (on 4/23, at St. Margaret's Church in Annapolis).
Am grateful for old friends who support me, and new friends who find me. Grateful also for those who maintain a commitment to the performing arts, and presentations of substance (to which I aspire). Thank you Cyd Wolf, for the wonderful opportunity to perform at The Cabaret at Germano's.

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