Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter
June, 2012
vol 8, no 5

I've been doing good for awhile, keeping up with the monthly newsletter, but lost my grip in May. Did you miss me (of course you didn't notice, so just humor me and say nothing)? Well, here's my excuse: I'm busy ... really, really busy (and that's a good thing)! Hope things are going well for you. Here's some of what's happening:
Featured Performance
The Eddie Sherman Show returns to Abbott's Grill in Milford. DE for their Jazz Dinner Series on Friday July 20th, with a special menu pairing with wines from Nassau Valley Vineyards. Peggy Raley brings her wine (it's her vineyard), and her voice, along with Sherman (who will help in bringing/getting into the wine); fronting a band that includes Paul Midiri, Mike McShane and myself. Enjoy a special, and unique evening of wine, dinner and song. Reservations are a must. Call  (302)491-6736 for more info.
Joe's Schedule

Joe performs with:

SATURDAY 6/30/12: 7-10pm   

Shore Jazz at Cypress, Rehoboth Beach, DE  

FRIDAY 7/6: 7-10pm
Mike Buccino and friends, at the Washington Tavern, Chestertown, MD

SATURDAY 7/4/12: 7-10pm  
Shore Jazz at Cypress, Rehoboth Beach, DE  

FRIDAY 7/13/12: time 7-10pm
Shore Jazz at Jerry's Seafood, Lewes, DE

SATURDAY 7/14/12: 8pm
The Eddie Sherman Show, at Rehoboth Beach Bandstand, DE

FRIDAY 7/20/12: 6-9pm
The Eddie Sherman Show, at Abbott's Grill, Milford, DE

SATURDAY 7/21/12: 7-10pm  
Shore Jazz at Cypress, Rehoboth Beach, DE  

 FRIDAY 7/27/12: 7-10pm
Shore Jazz at Jerry's Seafood, Lewes, DE

looking ahead: SATURDAY 8/25/12: 8pm
Spontaneous Invention at the Avalon Theatre (Stoltz room)

SATURDAY 9/15/12: noon
The Joe Holt Trio performs in the Chestertown Jazz Festival

See the schedule 
From the Mailbag/Comment Box
"Thank you !!!! for your fantastic playing.(as usual) You make the gigs so much fun and such a wonderful musical experience."

"Your playing really inspires me."

"You're great."    


"Joe, this is fantastic, I love this style"


"A very special experience; music making of a high order."


"Outstanding solo work, stuff that gets into the marrow of your bones."   


"As usual - a wonderful job, Joe. Rich tasteful harmonies, impeccable technique, interesting key change - I'll learn lots from this. Thank you."  

The cool part about this last comment is that it is from the most respected, and highest viewed (over 8 million) jazz educator on You Tube. Yes, he's a very nice guy.
In the News (blog)


New (and noteworthy) on You Tube
As I announce new playlists (video collections to document a performance, or promote a theme) in my news blog, I'll list new (individual) and noteworthy postings here.
Videos posted since the last newsletter:


Airmail Special - Dixieland Direct

Sunny Side of the Street - Dixieland Direct

And, from the video post archive, the video that shines the light on my performances in senior care centers:
On the Sunny Side of the Street  (solo piano)
In addition to being my second highest viewed post (at over 17,000), it was transcribed by a fan (into sheet music), and is available here:
Have fun!      :)
Joe's You Tube Channels:

Video Highlights (main) Channel

Performance documentation channels:

and the 
Lessons for the Thoughtful Pianist Channel

Join the Street Team
I've been made aware that my on-line schedule has been put to good use. It's become commonplace to be told by someone that they've found where I was playing by checking the schedule on my website. Cool! So now the next step: why not consider sharing my web schedule link with a friend, when an event of interest is listed? At this point, new dates are coming quickly, so check the schedule often. Thanks!
Lessons for the Thoughtful Pianist

Phila. area jazz pianist Jason Long  recently checked out the Lessons for the Thoughtful Pianist video page, and posted this (Facebook) comment on Lesson 1B: Steps to Tension and Resolution 
"This is a great lesson Joe. Its a beautiful introduction into functional harmony. Its also a great introduction to the theoretical notion that harmony and melody are the same entity, and if they are ever looked at by the musician as being two separate entities, its merely an illusion. Vertically built "chords" with all of their lovely extensions and whatnot are merely snapshots frozen in time of multiple melodic lines flowing horizontally through a cadence. Concepts of voice leading, tension and release and even reharmonization spring out of this fundamental process. I teach the fundamental progression of events during this process - therefore, jazz piano can be taught as a logical sequence of events rather than just separate lessons on chord voicing, reharmonization, etc etc. taught in a "vacuum" type way".

Happy to say that Jason now endorses "Lessons for the Thoughtful Pianist":
"Please check out my good friend Joe Holt's "Lessons For The Thoughtful Pianist". Not just good for pianists, but ALL instrumentalists."

Thanks, Jason!


From the Journal
Blessed with many "things", including a heavy stretch of performing engagements, over last week and this. It made going out for my birthday difficult, with only one clear evening (which wasn't really close to the date) over a two week stretch. This is something my family has learned to adapt to long ago (necessary to go in to any situation with your eyes open. Or, as Super Chicken said to Fred: "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it"). It worked out nice, actually. My cruise show was redirected from Chestertown to St. Michaels on the night before my birthday, so we all drove down to Eatson (in 2 cars) with plenty of time to have a nice dinner at the new Olive Garden. Perhaps the highlight of the evening was when (suddenly, in the blink of an eye) Kratos' drinking cup was found with crayon. No one saw him do it, and (as pictured above, post extraction) everything was in place, and seemingly untouched. It's was pretty funny, in addition to again bringing Super Chicken's admonition to mind. And yes, Kratos got a fresh cup.


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