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December, 2012

                               Merry Christmas!

I hope this newsletter finds you well.
Recently, I was watching a video on You Tube and wrote these words, inspired by the performance:
 "In creation, the glorious is revealed. In engagement, the beauty is uncovered. In interaction, a joy is accessible. In surrender, the human heart receives what it needs, in every endeavor."
In light of recent events, the reflection on my path as a musician reveals the essence of a call to ministry. I do what I do not just because I can, or because it provides me with income, or (a partial modicum of) notoriety. I do it because I'm supposed to, and need to. Thank you for your continued interest in and connection to what I do.
And what am I doing?
The big news is that, just in time for Christmas, we are unveiling our first new digital distribution option (more to come): Our new MP3 single subscription service.I hope you'll take a look at the subscription service, and pass the word; now that I'm finally (closer to) catching up to where people live today (I actually have an IPod, but haven't brought myself to use it yet).    
Check out the coupon below, which offers my new mp3 single Joy to the World - free with any purchase thru 12/31. In the YouTube section (below), look for a link to a video post of me recording that track, back in 2008. Also keep an eye on YouTube, as there are a number of neat posts in the queue, in addition to the newly posted. 
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and a Blessed New Year.
New - Mp3 Subscription plan
With this newsletter, we are announcing our new mp3 single; The First Noel; now available on CD Baby. What you now will be seeing is the gradual addition of downloadable mp3 singles, on my CD Baby page. What you won't be seeing is the organizing of literally hundreds of tracks (already recorded) to be made available in an exclusive weekly subscription offer. Receive a new piano track from me each week. Really!    Find out more 

Joe's Schedule

Joe performs with:


SATURDAY 12/22: 7-10pm 

Spontaneous Invention at Hooked Seafood/Martini Bar, Rehoboth Beach, DE


THURSDAY 12/27: 7-10pm
Spontaneous Invention at Old Bay Steak House, Rehoboth Beach, DE


FRIDAY 1/4/13: 6-9pm

Shore Jazz at Jerry's Seafood, Lewes, DE

Okay, happy new year already. See you at Jerry's


 FRIDAY 1/11/13:7pm
Beth McDonald at Heron Point, Chestertown, MD
A performance for the community's residents, but open for you as well.

FRIDAY 2/15/13: 6-9pm
Shore Jazz at Jerry's Seafood, Lewes, DE
Get a jump on Mardi Gras!

SATURDAY 2/16/13: tba
Spontaneous Invention at Abbot's Grill, Milford, DE
Dave, Mike and Joe for Valentine's weekend



WEDNESDAY 2/20/13: tba
"Women Helping Women" at the Garfield Center for the Arts, Chestertown Md
Joe returns as musical director for this annual fundraising event.
Always a magical evening, and a full house - reserve early.  



From the Mailbag/Comment Box

I cannot begin to tell you how much we all appreciated your playing here last night.


So elegant.

Bach too! so many embedded goodies! I couldn't keep count of the quotations! too much fun!
You were so joyful 


 You have sent me rushing to my piano to fool with First Noel....but I
can't do all those snowflakes swirling and tumbling about so magically!
Joe Holt is the best Pianist walking the Shore. That is all.  
New (and noteworthy) on You Tube
Video posted since the last newsletter:
Posted by Beth McDonald:

And from the video post archive:
This post is from the recording session that produced the mp3 single release just announced. My video camera captured the Stienway grand (9 ft?) on stage at the baby Grand Opera House

Joe's You Tube Channels:  Performance documentation channels:


and the 


In the News (blog)


A (partial) return to music ministry


Annual Christmas Carol Hymn Sing


Thursday Jazz and Blues Night at old Bay Steak House


Concert Review - Tri State Jazz Society - 10-7-12 


New Video Playlist - Willow Valley Lakes Manor - 9/24/12



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We've talked abut getting the word out for concerts and live events. Now it's time to get the music playing! With the introduction of my mp3 subscription plan, you can easily share my music with your friends. Or, give a subscription as a Holiday gift.

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Music Therapy Notes
I am led to introduce a new section of this newsletter, despite having no concrete idea of what to say here (yet). In the last few months, I've been working on the continuing education credits need to renew my music Therapy certification (every 5 years. No minute like the last one). As my attentions has been turned back toward the practice (and clinical understanding) of music therapy, I've come to a heightened realization of just how much these perspectives are ingrained in me. Music is about facitilatating, exploring, learning and growing. It is not an isloated discipline; it is systemic. This is the life I lead. Am introducing this new section driven by the antipation of things to some (okay, sigh now, and ask "NOW what is Joe up to"). stay tuned.  
From the Journal
Had a wonderful time performing at 49 West on Sunday evening 11/18, for Elana Byrd's jazz series. I am learning a lot, or at least it feels like it. Of course, I may be giving myself too much credit, as what I'm learning primarily is the continued need to get out of my own way. Anyway, it's always hard for me to be objective about myself. Even so, it's also nearly impossible not to see that now, the connection with others in the room is wide open when I perform. It's an observable and repeatable procedure (insert scientific method here), particularly for an audience new to me:
Response to first number: about half a tick above polite applause
Response to second number: warmer and more engaging
Response to third number: "Hey, I'm awake now - this is cool!"
Or something like that.
Actually, James Fitzpatrick (music and concert series director at St Margaret's Episcopal Church, with a history of experiences in the trenches of the Nashville music scene) laid this out to me as the prescribed formula for working/engaging an audience. 3 selections to get in. What this also reinforces is that rapport is a process. The nature of the rapport between audience and performer puts the process on speed dial (in more of a real human relationship situation, you don't establish trust and bonding in 20 minutes). Still, it requires a sense of understanding of the path you are travelling.
And in the Arts, few roads are paved. It is, indeed a bumpy ride, at times. Still, the journey is wonderful.

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