Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter
Vol 7, No 5
October, 2011
     Fall back ... in ... out ... over ... on your face ... away 

Or just, fall. It's here, and not a minute too soon for the many who have had their cages rattled by the likes of summer earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes (all 3 where I live). Provokes even more of a longing for what fall represents: slowing down, settling in, preparing to rest. Sounds good, on one level at least. Leave the great outdoors and step inside my office, however (or even scarier; take a peek inside my mind), and you'll find nothing of the sort.
Actually my world may more resemble winter, and the snowball rolling down the hill. I've my own earthquakes and tornadoes swirling around, but these are good things. Grab a cup of coffee, or an energy drink, and read on ...


Joe's Schedule
Solo piano concerts:
SATURDAY 11/19/11: 8pm
Joe performs "Happiness ... A Thing Called Stride", at the Mainstay, Rock Hall, MD
Joe Holt can be called a "piano man" in the tradition of the great single acts of the piano world. While he focuses on the stride tradition, his range is great. I am deeply impressed.             Tom McHugh
TUESDAY 11/22/11: 2pm
Joe performs "Spontaneous Joy" at the Downs Cultural Center, Wilmington, DE
"Spontaneous Joy" - A solo piano improvisation concert. Jazz? Yes - and much more. Spend a fun afternoon at the Downs Center. All Downs Center events are free to the community. Reservations requested.
SUNDAY 12/11/11: 6pm
Joe performs "Do You Hear What I Hear" at Trinity Nazarene Church, Hanover, PA
Joe returns to Trinity Church for a Christmas concert, featuring music from "Do You Hear What I Hear".
SUNDAY 12/18/11: 3pm
Joe performs "Do You Hear What I Hear" at First Methodist Church, Chestertown, MD
Joe's Christmas concert featuring music from his 2 Christmas/Holiday CDs. Fun improvisation and poignant meaning. Join us for this unique seasonal event.
SATURDAY 1/14/12: 8pm
Joe performs "Happiness ... A Thing Called Stride", at 49 West, Annapolis, MD
Joe's debut performance at this popular venue. Imaginative improvisation, familiar favorites, and happiness!
SATURDAYS: 7-10pm  (except 10/15)
Joe performs with the Shore Jazz Trio at Beseme', Lewes, DE
Always a good time. John Ewart - sax/clarinet, Mike McShane - drums/percussion perform along with Joe, though from week to week, personnel may vary. Contact Joe (info below) to inquire about a specific date.
FRIDAYS: 8-11pm (except 10/14, 28)
Joe performs with the Shore Jazz Trio at the Big Pickle Food Bar, St Michaels, MD
Shore Jazz returns to St. Michaels, and an exciting new venue! Same deal as Beseme' (above).
Joe also performs with:
THURS, FRI, SAT - 10/11-13: 6-9pm
The Shore Jazz Trio with the  Eddie Sherman Show at Cilantro, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Just added for jazz festival weekend! Joe, with John Ewart and Mike McShane perform with Eddie Sherman, with special guest, Peggy Railey on Sat. The swinging jazz will be at Cilantro's. Check us out!
SATURDAY 11/12/11: 8pm
Joe performs with Felicia Carter at the Prince Theatre, Chestertown, MD
Felicia takes the Prince Theatre stage along with bassist Amy Shook to perform music from their new collaboration CD: "Nothing to Do", and along with swinging jazz favorites. Joe fills out the trio.
FRIDAY 12/2/11: 8pm
Joe performs with the Shore Jazz Trio at the Night Cat, Easton, MD
The Shore Jazz Trio makes it's debut at the Night Cat on Friday Dec. 2. W/ John Ewart - sax, and Mike McShane - drums. From Jobim to Brubeck to Fats Waller to Preservation Hall. Come, and enjoy the ride.
FRIDAY 12/23/11: 9pm-midnight
Joe performs with the Dave Schiff Trio at Nomads jazz club, Wilmington, DE
Joe and Mike McShane join the inimitable saxophonist Dave Schiff  for an evening of high energy jazz.
SATURDAY 12/31/11: time tba
Joe performs with vocalist Beth McDonald  at The Inn at 202 Dover, Easton, MD
Mike McShane joins Joe for instrumental dance music, and  accompanying Beth for this elegant NYE party.
Many other events take place. Contact (877-JOE-HOLT), or for more info.

Mailbag/Comment Box
Your music flows so nicely and creatively :)


Congratulations with this wonderful broadcasting, that we just followed this late Sunday night in Belgium. Although I saw only the last few sets that you played, your playing was much inspiring, and it gave us some feeling of being there too.

Thanks to all persons, who made this possible !


I listened to the Web Stream. It was almost like I was there. Joe was the spontaneous musically and verbally full of joy and the other way around. I loved the "leaving the house" analogy. After an hour and a half of joyful Joe I will be smiling for a week. Thanks Joe.


"What a joy it was to watch Joe spin his magic spell with notes and quotes and improvisations that tickled the the keys and the ears at the same time! The audience ate up his clever and always musical inventions at the keyboard like it was candy of the highest order."


I am glad to have stumbled across? such a jewel as this...

 Keep it up brochacho!!!!


I ENVY YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Only 4 comments? Don't despair. We know what is great.

In the News (blog)
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A Return to the Mainstay

A New Steady for Shore Jazz, and more

3 New Performance Venues in 2012 (so far)


Lessons for the Thoughtful Pianist
As the Lessons for the Thoughtful Pianist YouTube channel continues to gain viewers and positive feedback, the fall season kicks in for private instruction, in Chestertown, MD. I'm here to be helpful. And, look for a new lesson post soon!


Join the Street Team
What does it take for a performing musician to secure a concert venue? At the top of the list is a confidence, by the venue, that the performer has an audience. Is there a small to mid-sized performance venue in your town that seems promising?

Let them know that you would support a Joe Holt piano concert, if it were on their schedule.


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