Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter
June, 2011
Vol 7, No 3 

                                       Still lurking about

Hope this finds you well. Don't know if I should apologize for missing a couple of months, or say "you're welcome". Things are going well, with perhaps, a new "center of gravity" in my home and schedule. It's all good. Much opportunity for growth and connection, and much going on ...


Joe's Appearances

solo piano performances:   

 FRIDAY 6/10/11: 2pm

Joe performs "Spontaneous Joy" at the Downs Cultural Center, Wilmington, DE

Improvisations on jazz and popular standards, classical themes, and fun demonstrations, including Joe's "A.D.D. Improvisation".


SUNDAY 7/24/11: 4pm 

Joe performs "Spontaneous Joy" at St. Margaret's Church, Annapolis, MD

Improvisations on jazz and popular standards, classical themes, and fun demonstrations, including Joe's "A.D.D. Improvisation", but really, who knows what will happen :)


Joe also performs for American Cruise Lines (on board), at the Chestertown and Cambridge (MD) ports. Contact Joe for more details 


Joe performs with:

SATURDAYS 6/ 7-10pm

Joe performs with Shore Jazz at Beseme, Lewes, DE

Saturday night is jazz night at Beseme. Join us!


SUNDAY 6/26/11: 5-7pm

Joe performs with Karen Somerville at the Imperial Hotel, Chestertown, MD

Karen sings jazz, blues and gospel with a style and authenticity all her own.

Joe accompanies, and performs solo selections.   



Many other events take place. Call (877-JOE-HOLT)

or e-mail

for more info.




From the Mailbag/Comment Box

I sincerely want to thank you for the beautiful piano music that you give to us.

Listening to your playing is a real pleasure, the way you "tell a
story" while improvising, the infectious joy, that you put in the songs, and the rare art of making even aged pianos sing !



Your playing always makes me happy!


Bobby Colligan and I are sitting here Joe talking about how great you swing and how everything you play feels so good


Making faces is your subconsious reaction of your finger tips touching the ivory. Sounding good!!




Beautiful, as usual, Joe...


Yeah baby!


I really enjoy your playing....this was fun to watch!


Joe, thank you for sharing some of your wonderful ability you have worked so hard to master


News Headlines

Private instruction now available  

American Cruise Lines - back on board

Summer Performances with Larzine

Shore Jazz: a Saturday night fixture at Beseme 

Resurrection day for "He's Steppin' Out"

Lessons for the Thoughtful Pianist

 A new development here. While I'll continue to write and publish lessons, and post (free) video, I am now offering private lesson availability, on a limited basis in Chestertown MD. E-mail me for more info. And click here for the latest info on Lessons for the Thoughtful Pianist.   

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From the Journal


posted 4/12/11

Is it just me, or are other people experiencing level upon level of disruption and challenge, much as we see on the macro level all around the world? I suspect that, by a long shot, I am not alone. Not everything that disrupts and challenges, though, is bad. In fact, it's not bad at all, unless we get stuck in seeing it that way. I suspect that being thankful in all things (a Biblical admonition to which I aspire) is more than (or not at all about) realizing that others have it worse, whatever it is. It seems (to whatever understanding I possess) that genuine thankfulness is a sincere trust that it (whatever it is) is indeed good, regardless of how I my see it from the confinement of my narrow personal view (at that particular moment). The last month, for me, has been intense. Family concerns that most everyone goes through, but it seems (and doesn't it always, I suppose) that my particular extenuating circumstances are uniquely exasperating. And what have I learned? That I am a mess, easily getting trapped and tangled up in my own head. Yep - the story of my ... performance career. It is true that one's personality is (necessarily) reflected in one's artistic expression (and if any doubt, read the recent concert review on my "news" blog), and so straight lines for me, at any level, are elusive (again, read the review). Just the acknowledgement, though, of being led by my own negative thoughts is it's own confession, of sorts, allowing/reminding me to view beyond them. It all simplifies (even for me) into trust. If I have one straight line, this is it's destination 

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