Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter
September, 2010
Vol 6, No 7 
                                        Words seldom work 
...well for me, as I've been writing and rewriting this little introduction for some time. It's always (and often much) easier for me to get something across from the piano. Lots going on in that realm, which I'm anxious to share with you ... 
Joe's Apperances
 Solo Piano Performances:

Joe performs solo piano for Jazz Brunch at The Inn at 202 Dover, Easton, MD

Enjoy one of the Mid -Atlantic's finest inns, and restaurants, with jazz piano in the parlor.

SATURDAY 9/18/10: 8pm

Joe performs in concert at the First Baptist Church, Vineland, NJ
"Spontaneous Joy" - Joe presents improvisations on jazz standards, classical themes, hymns, popular song,and demonstrations of musical spontaneity, including his signature: "A.D.D. Improvisation".

TUESDAY 11/30/10: 2pm

Joe performs in concert at the Downs Cultural Center, Wilmington, DE
"Spontaneous Joy" - Joe's improvisation concert with a holiday twist

SATURDAY 12/11/10: 8pm

Joe performs in concert at the Avalon Theatre - Stoltz Listening Room, Easton MD

Joe's solo debut at the Avalon promises to be both Spontaneous and Joyful! Improvisations on jazz and popular standards, classical themes, and , fun demonstrations, including Joe's "A.D.D. Improvisation".

The Joe Holt Trio:

SATURDAY 11/6/10: 8pm

The Joe Holt Trio and friends at the Church Hill Theatre, Church Hill, MD. Featuring Mike McShane - drums, Gary Cattley - bass/tuba. With special guests: Beth McDonald -vocals, John Ewart - clarinet/saxophone

"Happiness ... A Thing Called Jazz" - You'll leave with a smile, we promise!

Joe Performs with:

FRIDAYS: 8-11pm (excluding 9/17)

Joe performs with the Shore Jazz Trio at Rupert's Bar and Restaurant, St Michaels, MD

Joe joins Mike McShane and John Ewart for Friday Night Jazz.

SATURDAY 10/2: 8pm

The Joe Holt Trio performs w/ Song Stylist Larzine, at the Milton Theatre, Milton, DE

arzine, backed by Joe and the guys, will present a showcase of the great songstresses, including: Lena Horne, Nancy Wilson, Peggy Lee, Dinah Washington, and Diana Ross.
SATURDAY 10/16: 7-11pm
SUNDAY 10/17: 4-8pm
The Joe Holt Trio performs with Song Stylist Larzine at the Atlantic Sands Hotel, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Larzine comes to town for Jazz Festival weekend.
See the schedule (and check back often for updates)
Lessons For the Thoughtful Pianist 
...are back!!  Check out the new lesson blog, where I'll be posting regular updates. The ThoughtfulPianist YouTube channel is also back in business! Lessons are now available, starting with Lesson 1A: "The Foundation, and Practice, of playing By Ear", with written article, and companion audio CD, by mail order. Each month, a new lesson will be posted on YouTube, and made available for purchase. These lessons are expanded from their original versions. Now, it seems, all the puzzle pieces are in place to make this series become all I've envisioned it could be. Check it out, and let's learn together! 
From the Mailbag/Comment Box
"I absolutely, 100% loved every single note of your improvisation...there is not even a single non necessary or irrelevant phrase in your improvisation. It was such a clean and strong improvisation. Loved it ...wow." 
"I just discovered your 2010 channel Joe - lots more here to listen to (and learn from)."
"He (Joe) does outstanding solo work, stuff that gets into the marrow of your bones."
"Spectacularly played. This is such a joy to listen to!"

"Any of you interested in improving your piano skills, CHECK OUT JOE'S VIDEO (etc.). Via this video, he's already... helped me understand something in only 9 minutes about which I've been confused for a lifetime."

"Darn you, Holt! Darn you! Why can't I be you? Or, at least have .0000001 of your talent and skills set? Why is this life such frustration?? Darn you! Posting yet another agonizingly beautiful video. Will this never stop?? (We fervently hope not.)"

Thanks everyone!! 
Lessons For The Thoughtful Pianist
are back on line! Lessons 1B: "Steps to Tension and Resolution" is now available.
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New on Facebook: Stories Without Words. Do you "like" this?
American Cruise Lines has retained Joe as a featured entertainer, following the well received performances in Chestertown this summer. Joe will be boarding the American Spirit, as it visits Cambridge, MD for show piano shows through early November. 
Joe performs his solo debut at the Avalon Theatre, in the Stoltz Listening Room, on 12/11/10.
The Joe Holt Trio returns to the Milton Theatre with Song Stylist Larzine, on Oct 2, 2010
Joe is back with Karen Somerville! Joe (with Mike, Gary, and Dave) will be performing with Karen for the Inauguration Celebration of Dr Harry Williams at Delaware State University on Friday Sept 17.
New Video Playlist: Joe at First Church of the Nazarene, Lake Worth, Fla
New Video Playlist: Shore Jazz Trio at Rupert's, St Michaels MD  
New YouTube video post: "Take Me Away" from Beth McDonald's new CD release: "Take it From Me" 
New review for the CD: "Happiness ... A Thing Called Jazz", by Scott Yanow. Read the review 
From the Journal
On board the "American Spirit", in Cambridge MD, after my show last night. Courtney (left) and Melissa (right) take good care of their guests, and have fun in the process. I'm happy to have this association now, with American Cruise Lines. It seems a perfect fit. Admittedly, though, this is one of those things that "just happens", apart from any purposeful intervention on our part. I would not have known about this opportunity, were it not for being placed by the Prince Theatre (when they were contracted to book the entertainment when the Spirit cam to Chestertown, for the first time, this summer). Certainly a "right place at the right time" deal. What makes a impression on me, though (and does continually), is the idea of being prepared for whatever is gurgling just underneath the radar screen. It seems that "auditions" (for whatever) probably happen more frequently than we are aware of, and, to successfully be at "the right place at the right time" does involve something deliberate and premeditated on our part - being ready. At the core, though, the hand and mind of God, understanding and orchestrating far more than we could ever begin to. 
read the journal
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