Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter
May, 2010
   Vol 6  No 4  
                                         Harvest Time 
Hope this finds you well. The proverbial imagery of "reaping the harvest" of one's efforts, when the "season" comes, is often in my mind. It seems (or at least, I'd like to think) that a little of that is in play in the events and opportunities ahead. Grateful to be able to share these with you...   
Joe's Appearances 
SUNDAYS: 11am-2pm
Joe performs solo piano for Jazz Brunch at
The Inn at 202 Dover, Easton, MD
Jazz Brunch! Brand new concept for this wonderful destination. Enjoy one of the region's finest establishments, with jazz piano in the parlor.

THURSDAY, 5/6/10: 4:30-5:30pm
Joe performs with
Holly Lane and Shore Jazz at Springfest, Ocean City, MD
Shore Jazz returns to the main stage with Holly, Mike, John, Dave, and Joe. Springfest activities are in the municipal lot, just steps away from the boardwalk, and admission is free. Make a day of it.

SATURDAY, 5/8/10: 2:30-3:30pm
Joe performs with the Mike Allen Trio at
Berlin (MD) Blues and Jazz Bash
Swinging instrumental jazz in a fun and festive outdoor setting. Berlin is just 5 miles inland from Ocean City. A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

SATURDAY, 5/15/10: 8pm
Joe performs with/accompanies singer/songwriter
Beth McDonald, in concert at the Avalon Theatre, Easton MD
This is the rescheduled date from the blizzard cancellation in February, and Beth's been busy. A new band (with Joe's trio personell at the core), and a new (all originals) CD to be released at the concert. Beth will perform from the Great American Song book, as well as her own compositions from her 4 CD releases.  
SUNDAY, 5/16/10: 5-8pm
Joe performs with the Mike Allen Trio at The Buttery, Lewes, DE
Mike, Joe, and John Ewart help the Buttery celebrate it's (sweet) 16th birthday! Join us!

SATURDAY, 5/29/10: 7-10pm
Joe performs with the
Shore Jazz Trio at Beseme, Lewes DE
Starting the season for Saturday night jazz with John Ewart and Mike McShane. Enjoy a delightful meal with your jazz.

SATURDAY 6/5/10: 2pm
Joe performs in concert at the Down's Cultural Center, Wilmington, DE
"Spontaneous Joy" - A solo piano improvisation concert. Jazz? Yes - and much more. Spend a fun afternoon with Joe at the Downs Center. All Downs Center events are free to the community. Reservations are requested.

SATURDAY, 6/5/10: 7-10pm
Joe performs with the Shore Jazz Trio at Beseme, Lewes DE
Week 2 for Summer season Saturday night jazz with John Ewart and Mike McShane . 

FRIDAY 6/11/10: 8-11pm (time approximate)
Joe performs with Shore Jazz featuring Holly Lane, at Bethany Blues, Lewes, DE
Sydney's jazz night sports the full band, with Mike, John, Dave, and Holly. Straight ahead!

SATURDAY 6/12/10: 7-10pm
Joe performs with the Shore Jazz Trio at Beseme, Lewes DE
Get the idea?

SATURDAY 6/19/10: 7-10pm
Joe performs with the Mike Allen Trio at the Globe, Berlin, MD
Swinging jazz in a delightful venue!

SATURDAY 6/26/10: 8pm
Joe performs with/accompanies John Schratwieser at the Prince Theatre, Chestertown, MD
"Home Again". A fund rasing event for the Theatre. John is a dynamic and captivating vocalist and stage presence. Come, and support the arts on the Eastern Shore.
From the Mailbag/Comment Box 

I simply love this! You really ought to kick the bench over and set the piano on fire...because once you finished, no one should play that piano again. Awesome

When Joe is at the piano he achieves peaks of happiness which he eagerly shares with every audience member. He consistently delivers music that moves minds, hearts and sometimes feet.

Been a fan of yours for some time now. The more I study theory, the harder it seems to get, and the more I appreciate your talent!

When are you going to visit Australia? My wife and I would
just love to hear you play in person. 

Joe, you guys were PHENOMENAL last night at The Milton Theatre!! I loved every second of it. (Except I was sorry to see it end!) I'm so glad I was able to's the first time I've ever gotten to REALLY hear/see you perform. What a thrill that was! Now I can hardly wait 'til the next time!
Jazz Brunch has begin, at the Inn at 202 Dover (that's the address!) in Easton MD. Catch Joe at the piano on Sundays from 11am-2pm, and enjoy one of the region's finest Inns.
Joe's 8th CD release: "Happiness ... A Thing Called Jazz" - featuring the Joe Holt Trio is now available! Look for it's addition soon to Joe's discography 
"Happiness ... A Thing Called Jazz" - the concert event at the Milton Theatre on 4/17 - watch the video  
Beth McDonald's all originals CD release: Take It From Me" will be released at the Avalon Theatre concert on 5/15. This is a groundbreaking project for Beth, accompanied by Joe and his trio. Expect this CD to go places.
The "Shore Jazz Trio" has landed at Beseme, in Lewes, DE on Saturday nights, for the summer season. Most of the time, expect to find John, Mike, and Joe, but check the schedule first, just to be sure.  
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Blessings and awareness,

From the Journal
Yesterday, at the brunch gig, I told Ron (innkeeper) that "restaurant gigs" are not what I'm interested in perusing (as a solo pianist). When it seemed appropriate, however, to consider such an ongoing presence (in my general area), I landed on "The Inn at 202 Dover" as the only destination (in my awareness) that worked for me (Dave Ross and I have played at the Inn for New Year's Eve the past couple of years - and some months ago, I approached the owners with my thoughts). Actually, it more than works - it's perfect. The Inn is beautifully restored mansion in Easton, MD, where Ron and Shelby Mitchell have channeled their love for art, beauty, and elegance, and share it (and themselves) with all who visit. The first floor contains the dining room (more spacious than you would think), kitchen, conservatory, and other "nooks and crannies", including the parlor in the front corner of the Inn where Ron's grand piano lives. On Sunday mornings, it becomes my "station", where I now (also) have the opportunity (in the spirit of the Inn) to share my love for art and beauty, as best as I can express it. The music makes it's way subtly (but noticeably) into the dining room. After a delightful meal, you can make your way (subtly or not; your choice) into the parlor, and relax for a while on the comfortable sofa (and stump me with all your requests I've never heard of - hopefully not). I'm sure you will find the Sunday Brunch a refreshing experience, the next time you find yourself in the neighborhood.
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