Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter
July, 2010
Vol 6, No 6
Having fun, working hard, smelling the coffee 
If I had to pick one thing, among the many cool things that are happening, to highlight this month, it would have to be that Lessons for the Thoughtful Pianist are back!! I'm really excited to have a workable procedure now in place to make this happen, and grow the program. I'm not aware of anything else out there like this, and look forward to making a difference though this series.
But that's not all - not even close! Read through the newsletter, and get a taste of other cool stuff going on (and that's not all, either!)... 
Lessons For The Thoughtful Pianist
...are back!!  Check out the new lesson blog, where I'll be posting regular updates. The ThoughtfulPianist YouTube channel is also back in business! Lessons are now available, starting with Lesson 1A: "The Foundation, and Practice, of playing By Ear", with written article, and companion audio CD, by mail order. Twice a month (initially, at least) a new lesson will be posted on YouTube, and made available for purchase. These lessons are expanded from their original versions. Now, it seems, all the puzzle pieces are in place to make this series become all I've envisioned it could be. Check it out, and let's learn together! 
Joe's Apperances
SUNDAYS: 11am-2pm
Joe performs solo piano for Jazz Brunch at The Inn at 202 Dover, Easton, MD
Jazz Brunch at the Inn at 202 Dover/Peacock Restaurant and Lounge. There's no place like it. You just have to come, and enjoy one of the Mid -Atlantic's finest inns, and restaurants, with jazz piano in the parlor.

FRIDAYS: 8-11pm (except 8/6)
Joe performs with the Shore Jazz Trio at Rupert's Bar and Restaurant, St Michaels, MD
Joe joins Mike McShane and John Ewart for Friday Night Jazz. A wonderful spot!

SATURDAYS 7/24, 8/21: 7-10pm
Joe performs with the Mike Allen Trio at the Globe, Berlin, MD
Featuring Dave Schiff. Swinging jazz in a delightful venue!

SATURDAYS 7/10, 7/17, 7/31, 8/7, 8/14, 8/28: 7-10pm
Joe performs with the Shore Jazz Trio at Beseme, Lewes DE
Joe is back for jazz night with Mike and John.

FRIDAY 8/6/10: 8pm                                                      The Joe Holt Trio, featuring Felicia Carter, with special guest Dan Tobias in concert :"Happiness ... A Thing Called Jazz" - at the Milton (DE) Theatre                                                     A return appearance, at the request of the Milton Theatre, reprising our show of 4/17/10. Don't miss it (and, since there is a good "buzz" around this one, best to reserve early)!

and much more, soon to be posted on the schedule
From the Mailbag/Comment Box

I really enjoy it. Every time you make me so happy! Never get bored.

Feeling like that you are the part of a piano, or the piano is the part of you

The happy music is truly joyful and every other mood comes through your interpretations so clearly. You, the piano, the music all become one outlet of wonderful sound and feeling. I don't have the words to do it justice. When it was over, I wished it was longer. Your soul shines through your music and it is beautiful.
I love how you put your own feelings into it.....You look like you really enjoy playing.
Holt displays an infectious and happy style that falls between swing and mainstream jazz, coming up with fresh variations to a wide range of music.
Took in a fantastic brunch last Sunday at the
Inn at 202 Dover in Easton
. Not only was the food amazing, but the accompanying piano virtuosity of jazzman Joe Holt was nothing short of brilliant.


Lessons For The Thoughtful Pianist are back on line! Lessons will be made available every 2-3 weeks. See box below for more info.
By request, the Joe Holt Trio with Felicia Carter and Danny Tobias return to the Milton Theatre on 8/6/10 for a reprise performance of "Happiness ... A Thing Called Jazz" 
Newset "steady": The "Shore Jazz Trio" performs every Friday night (except August 6) at Rupert's, in St Michaels, MD. Saturday nights continue at Beseme, in Lewes, DE.  
Jazz Brunch continues, at the Inn at 202 Dover
(that's the address!) in Easton MD. Catch Joe at the piano on Sundays from 11am-2pm, and enjoy one of the region's finest Inns.
Blogger Rik Ferrell, on his recent Jazz Brunch experience at The Inn at 202 Dover - the Backbeat Blog 
New Video Playlist: Joe at the Downs Cultural Center on June 5, 2010
New on Facebook: Stories Without Words. Do you "like" this?
New YouTube video post: "Take Me Away" from Beth McDonald's new CD release: "Take it From Me" 
The Prince Theatre in Chestertown has engaged Joe for on-board entertainment on American Cruise lines newly scheduled Chestertown stops this summer (see journal article) 
New review for the CD: "Happiness ... A Thing Called Jazz", by Scott Yanow. Read the review 
From the Journal
One of the fun things I get to do this summer, that you won't find on my schedule (because it's not an open/public event). Getting ready to board the "American Spirit", after a brief ride out from the dock in Chestertown. American cruise lines is a happening operation (so I've learned), operating smaller cruise vessels (roughly 100 passengers) for (often) weeklong domestic excursions. This summer they worked out adding Chestertown to their itinerary on about 1/2 dozen runs. Thanks to Lucia Foster (executive director of the Prince Theatre), I have the opportunity to "welcome" the overnight visitors with an entertainment program on board. Tomorrow the passengers will enjoy a tour of Chestertown in the morning, and then sail away around noon. We had a blast tonight, and I'm looking forward to the next one.  
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