Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter
February, 2010
Vol 6, No 2 
                                         On the road again... 
What a crazy month! Hope all is well where you are. Things are finally beginning to "settle down" here, as "normal" returns (though, as I look out the window, the snow is again falling, sometimes blowing sideways). Perhaps I speak too soon, however, as I'm preparing to leave (hopefully within the hour) for my "driving tour" (see concert schedule below). Welcome to new "subscribers". Hopefully you will find something of interest here, in the diversity of my musical activities. For everyone else, welcome back! Here's what I'm attempting to keep up with this month (among other things):
Joe's Concert Schedule
WEDNESDAY 2/17/10: 7pm
Joe performs in concert at the
Rivertown Presbyterian Church, Hillsborough, NC
Joe presents improvisations on hymns, classical themes, popular song, and demonstrations of musical spontaneity, including his "A.D.D. Improvisation".
 SATURDAY 2/20/10: 7pm
Joe performs in concert at Seacrest Presbyterian Church, Delray Beach Fla.
Joe presents improvisations on hymns, classical themes, popular song, and demonstrations of musical spontaneity, including his "A.D.D. Improvisation".

SUNDAY 2/21/10: 6pm
Joe performs in concert at the Lake Fort Worth Church of the Nazarene, Fla.
Joe performs an informal Sunday concert of familiar hymns and songs, and piano improvisation.

SUNDAY 2/28/10: 10:30am
Joe performs in concert at the Denton (MD) Church of the Nazarene
Joe presents a Sunday worship concert of familiar hymns and songs, and piano improvisation.
SATURDAY 3/6/10: 8pm
Joe performs in concert at the Prince Theatre, Chestertown MD
Joe presents improvisations on jazz standards, classical themes, popular song, and demonstrations of musical spontaneity, including his "A.D.D. Improvisation". Joe will also perform music from his groundbreaking CD: "Stories Without Words"
"The joy when he plays is boundless and infectious" - Jazz vocalist Felicia Carter
Come, and share in the experience
SUNDAY 4/25/10: 5pm
Joe performs solo piano in the jazz vespers service of the
First Presbyterian Church, Pitman, NJ
Of the many Jazz Vespers First Presbyterian Church has hosted over the years, Joe was the first to present as a solo artist (in 2007), and now, is delighted to return. This environment is "safe", "friendly", inspirational, and each jazz vespers service supports a worthy charity. April's vespers will support Rise Malawi. Come, for a unique experience.
Joe also performs with
FRIDAY 2/26/10: 7-10pm
Holly Lane trio - at the Globe, Berlin. MD. 
WEDNESDAY 3/10/10 8pm:
Women helping Women benefit concert, at the
Prince Theatre, Chestertown, MD
Joe is privileged to serve as musical director/accompanist for the performance.
FRIDAY 3/12/10 - 8-11pm 
From the Mailbag/Comment Box
"I gave my brother-in-law your latest CD as a Christmas gift . He meditates on a regular basis and I explained to him how this was your form of meditation and thought he might appreciate it. I ran in to him today and he commented that the CD is just about worn out. It caused him to put a sound system in his study. He has had to rename a track or two to suit his take on it, and understands how different people's experiences would cause them to hear something different in your music. I told him you had several other CDs available, he reminded me that his birthday was coming up. I guess the gift was a success."
"I don't even know where to begin. Maybe just, "How much fun must it be, to be Joe Holt?" I'm overwhelmed, agonizingly envious, and thankful for having discovered a master pianist. ...The "happiness" with which you generate achingly inventive, wonderful sounds from that instrument is utterly compelling."
"Trio sounds great!!! Joe, you always make it sound so easy."

"I've never written a comment on your videos but I've always seen them. Fantastic Joe, great harmony, solo improvisation and above a walking bass that really jumping. A real pleasure to listen, very joyful."

"For cryin' out loud, Mr. Holt -- this is simply as nice as anybody's ever gonna hear. Period; end of story."
New concert video:
From "Spontaneous Joy":
Central Baptist Church, Millville NJ, 1/23/10
watch now
Beth McDonald concert rescheduled:
Beth's return to the Avalon Theatre, in Easton MD (this time w/ Joe on piano) "fell victim" to the "Blizzard of 2010". The new date is May 15.
Joe's new Facebook fan page:
Interact with Joe, and keep up with the latest news
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"Cheerful Little Earful" reviewed:
Danny Tobias' new CD release (Joe plays piano) has received it's first review, in the New Jersey Jazz Magazine. Short, but sweet.
New You Tube Channel: 
Joe's new 2010 video channel is now open
Joe on You Tube
Selected concerts and events are recorded, and individual selections posted on YouTube as a "video diary". Joe's "video hub" channel contains performance highlights from 2006 though the present. Joe's current channel (2010) will archive videos from this year's recorded events. Choose your "channel" by clicking the link below. 
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Joe Holt's Notes on the Radio:
Now beginning it's 5th year, Joe's weekly (half hour) program is your ticket to exclusive performances, "behind the scenes" audio, and the latest news.   
listen now  
Joe on CD:
Joe's label; "Joe Holt's Notes" has now grown to 7 titles (not counting the many recordings of others artists on which he appears). These CDs continue to document the creative path, and are available online. 
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From the Journal
 After some major sidetracking from two big time snowstorms, leaving nearly 5 feet of snow in a weeks time (a record by far. This is eastern Maryland, not northern Alaska, or some mountain ski resort), my gigging life is returning to normal (even as I hold my breath). My (newly formed) trio worked 3 nights this past (Valentine's) weekend, at the Kitty Knight House, and it was a great experience. We're 3 guys, each with strengths and weaknesses, learning what works for us. My "suspicions" that we could (first) find common ground in the "Erroll Garner bag" were proved accurate in the 2 or so hours we spent "getting acquainted", a few weeks ago (click here for video). This past weekend was our next (and a significant) opportunity to explore the boundaries of all this. What we are all left with is the sense of a very "healthy" situation, both musically, and personally. For all of the dysfunctional (frankly) situations I've found myself in (as a sideman) over the years, this one (at the outset) stands in contrast. Gary and Mike are good guys, good players, and good friends. I'm looking forward to what the future (or, as I am inclined to say, "providence"), has in store. Speaking of the future, I leave in the morning for my driving trip to Florida (2 concerts in Fla, and one in NC on the way). As in the past when on the road, I'll try to check in often (daily if possible). Enjoying the new adventures.
posted on 2/15, 2010
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