Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter
October '09
Vol 5, No 8
                              Hopeful Anticipation 
 Hope all is well with you. Am sitting in the Panera Bread (the place to be for free wi-fi) in Easton, MD on the afternoon of my Mainstay concert date (see below). My to-do list, in preparation for the concert, is full, but I'm not feeling harried (yet). Have been anticipating today for some time, not only for my return to the Mainstay, but for the release of "Stories Without Words" (also see below). This recording establishes a new path; one I've long sensed, but until now, have not defined well enough to set foot on it. Everything in it's time. The title I chose for the last track on the new CD reflects where I am, and how the future is seen. Thanks for your continued interest, and encouragement, in the journey. Here's what's happening...  
Solo Concerts
THURSDAY 10/15/09 - 7:30pm:
"An Evening of Piano Improvisation" at the Mainstay, Rock Hall, MD
An Evening of Piano Improvisation is just that: a wholly improvised concert event: featuring popular melodies, classical themes, and demonstrations of musical improvisation.
"Leading scientists from around the world concur that it is physically impossible to display any more pleasure than Joe does when he performs. It's borderline selfish, because, as amazing as it is to hear him, he still looks like he's having more fun than anyone else in the room." - Rik Ferrell, (Whats Up Eastern Shore).
"Joe Holt is Mr. Happy. The joy when he plays is boundless and infectious. You just cant be sad. Joe is a cure for the blues." - Felicia Carter (Baltimore/DC jazz and blues vocalist).
Tickets are $15. The Mainstay is a delightful and intimate venue, with limited seating.
Reservations are strongly encouraged. For directions, and additional info: or call 410-639-1933.
Come, and share in the experience.
send an invitation
SUNDAY 11/22/09: 6pm
Joe performs in concert at the Trinity Church of the Nazarene, Hanover, PA
Join Joe for a Sunday concert of familiar hymns and songs, and piano improvisations.
special event:
SATURDAY 11/28/09: 8pm :
Holly Lane in concert - with Joe on keyboard, and Mike McShane, percussion, at the Milton Theatre, Milton, De.
Holly performs with an accent on the French. She spent 15 years living and performing in and around Paris, before returning to the states and establishing herself as an outstanding jazz vocalist, in the Delaware resort areas. Holly will present a program of French and American standards
For a complete listing of public events - see the schedule 
Other Opportunities
SATURDAY 10/17/09: 9pm-12:30am
Joe Performs with Holly Lane and Shore Jazz at Cloud 9, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Jazz festival weekend in Rehoboth! Check it out!
SATURDAY 10/24: 7-10pm
Joe performs with the Mike Allen Trio at the Globe, Berlin, Md
Joe joins Michael Allen McShane and special guest Dave Schiff for an evening of instrumental jazz.
SATURDAY 11/21/09
Joe performs with the Holly Lane Trio at the Globe, Berlin, MD
note - The following is a partial listing of performances in senior independent living communities, provided for the convenience of residents (health cafe and assisted living not listed). Facilities differ on their policies toward outside guests at these events:
WEDNESDAY 10/28, 5pm - Jenner's Pond (PA) Morey's Pub Cocktail hour piano
FRIDAY 10/30, 4:30pm - Methodist Country House (DE) Delaware Lounge
Cocktail/social hour piano
THURSDAY 11/5, 7pm - Philadelphia Protestant Home (PA) Social Hall
Solo piano concert
FRIDAY 11/13, 7pm - Jenner's Pond (PA) auditorium
Duo concert with Dick Smolens, vocalist
For a complete listing of public events - see the schedule
             The Big Story:
              New CD release:
                        "Stories Without Words"
               Now Available! 
The liner notes tell the story:
 "When the understanding comes, a new path emerges. When validity is embraced, destinations can be seen. When surrender occurs, honesty can begin.
In 2006, I began regularly recording free, or better, unagendized improvisations. Over the last 3 years, disciplines of stillness and trust have allowed for growth in this expression, and a deepening of the spiritual connection that, I have learned, is music making (as I have come to understand it). Human experience is shared across generations and cultures, though the stories may change. As I have purposed to connect with God beyond my self (interest, and focus), this recording is purposed to now connect with you, and your own stories."
Coming soon: an audio sampler, and digital downloading!

other news:
Concerts in Florida are scheduled for February 20, and 21, 2010 in Delray Beach, and Lake Fort Worth, with more to come. These, and additional events will be reflected on the schedule in the coming weeks.
New CD release by Danny Tobias: "Cheerful Little Earful".                   
Danny Tobias - trumpet, cornet
Gary Cattley - Bass
Joe - Piano
Contact Joe for more information 
Joe on You Tube
 Selected concerts and events are recorded, and individual selections posted on YouTube as a "video diary". Joe's "video hub" channel contains performance highlights from 2006 though the present. Joe's current channel (2009) contains complete archives (playlists) of videos from this year's recorded events. Choose your "channel" by clicking the link below. 
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Joe Holt's Notes on the Radio:
Now in it's 4th year, Joe's weekly (half hour) program is your ticket to exclusive performances, "behind the scenes" audio, and the latest news.   
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Joe on CD:
Joe's label; "Joe Holt's Notes" has now grown to 7 titles (not counting the many recordings of others artists on which he appears). These CDs continue to document the creative path, and are available online. 
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From the Mailbag/Comment Box

Very fine interpretation on an absolutely professional level! The tempo is exactly fitting for this moody and relaxed song. One can see that you really "live" your music!!!

Nope! I don't think I will ever tire of the genius of Joe Holt on the piano!!
It's so good. Your not 2 good, your one past that, Your 3 good on that piano. Wow!
I listen faithfully on the Internet to your show every week. There were several times when I tried to get the show on Sunday even though I know it usually is not posted until Monday. That's OK, though, because I will just tune in to an earlier program. Like wine, your shows improve with age. ;-)
From the Journal
Some years ago, I finally threw out my (old and well worn, but still functional) Organmaster shoes (the standard for classical/pipe organ pedaling). I resigned the church organ position in 1990 (in NJ) that I had held for 11 years prior. Did some subbing for awhile, and then determined to put my "organ days" behind me, devoting myself to the piano exclusively. This (general) determination was challenged some years ago when playing a run at the (Atlantic City) Showboat with the Midiri brothers. Someone (not me) got the idea that I should get my old cornet out the closet, work up my (questionable) "chops", and add it to the bandstand presentation (for schtick). After awhile I put it away, remembering the tug of the commitment to an additional instrument against my focus to develop as a pianist. Well, here I am, again - sort of. After attending the Presbyterian Church of Chestertown for some time (and planning to join this fall), I've succumb to the allure of the 3 manual Allen, and have begun refamiliarizing with playing (Way different than the piano. I used to say: "The organ is a box I content with - the piano is an extension of my arm"- still true). In a way; that the organ is so different than the piano, (as is the required skill set), is part of the draw. It is it's own unique experience, more like the effort and satisfaction of "building" something, rather than the ease (and satisfaction) of comfortable expression. So here's where I am today: have agreed to sub for Kate (the smiling organist) at church the next two Sundays. Am going over now to work in my new Organmaster shoes. Part of the fun will be that (until recently) no one (around here) knew I ever played the organ (let alone majoring on piano and organ together in college). Some may be confused. I may be chief among them, though. We'll see...
posted by Joe Holt at Friday, August 21, 2009
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