Joe Holt's Notes
Aug/Sept '09
Vol 5, No 7
As I begin to write, a military fighter jet just buzzed overhead (living in a rural area can put you in the training flight-paths). That works, as much is "buzzing" around here. First, I'm glad to report that my performing schedule has kicked back into (a higher) gear, and will continue "revving up" over coming the weeks and months. For that reason, and others (including our "crunch time" rehearsals and preparation for the Church Hill Theatre production, opening next week!), I've fallen way behind on important things, including getting this newsletter out to you. Thanks for your patience. A special welcome to new subscribers (you know who you are). Hope this find you well, and that you'll find something of interest here. So, here's what's happening...  
Solo Concerts
selected listing:
FRIDAY 9/18/09: 7pm
Joe performs solo piano for "An Evening of Disney" at the Melwood Church of the Nazarene, Upper Marlboro, MD
Joe performs improvised arrangements of Disney classics as the featured performer for this evening, sponsored by the Melwood Church. Between Joe's sets, several members of the church will also present their Disney favorites.
THURSDAY 10/15/09 - 7:30pm:
"An Evening of Piano Improvisation" at the Mainstay, Rock Hall, MD
An Evening of Piano Improvisation is just that: a wholly improvised concert event: featuring popular melodies, classical themes, and demonstrations of musical improvisation.
"Leading scientists from around the world concur that it is physically impossible to display any more pleasure than Joe does when he performs. It's borderline selfish, because, as amazing as it is to hear him, he still looks like he's having more fun than anyone else in the room." - Rik Ferrell, (Whats Up Eastern Shore).
"Joe Holt is Mr. Happy. The joy when he plays is boundless and infectious. You just cant be sad. Joe is a cure for the blues." - Felicia Carter (Baltimore/DC jazz and blues vocalist).
Tickets are $15. The Mainstay is a delightful and intimate venue, with limited seating.
Reservations are strongly encouraged. For directions, and additional info: or call 410-639-1933.
Come, and share in the experience.
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SUNDAY 11/22/09: 6pm
Joe performs in concert at the Trinity Church of the Nazarene, Hanover, PA
Join Joe for a Sunday concert of familiar hymns and songs, and piano improvisations.

For a complete listing of public events - see the schedule
                         The Big Story:
New solo CD of original improvisations to be released (tentatively) on Oct 15th 2009!
This debuts a new direction for Joe: original improvised compositions. Each week, for the last 3 years, Joe has recorded an improvised original piece prior to his radio show. Now, with over 140 "in the vault", Joe, and his production team are in the final stages of selecting (the first) 15 tracks for this breakthrough recording. Fresh, contemporary, compelling. Look for complete info in next month's newsletter.
The Church Hill Theatre presents: "Triumph of Love"
Directed by Steven J. Arnold
Musical Director - Joe Holt
Based on the hilarious French classic by Marivaux.       The Church Hill Theatre is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Experience the charm of the theatre, and this production's talented actors and musicians. 

Danny Tobias to release new CD.                   

Recording sessions have been completed for a new CD release from Dan Tobias - with Gary Cattley on bass, and Joe on piano. A release date will be announced soon. 
Joe on You Tube: 
 Selected concerts and events are recorded, and individual selections posted on YouTube as a "video diary". Joe's "video hub" channel contains performance highlights from 2006 though the present.Joe's current channel (2009) contains complete archives (playlists) of videos from this year's recorded events. Choose your "channel" by clicking the link below. 
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Joe Holt's Notes on the Radio :
Now in it's 4th year, Joe's weekly (half hour) program is your ticket to exclusive performances, "behind the scenes" audio, and the latest news.   
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From the Mailbag/Comment Box
Simply fantastic!...and we get to see a piece of Joe...and a piece of Joe is better than no Joe at all :-)
This video is a putting christian, brotherly love into practice. Thanks for the sympathy and feeling with the acoustically blind.

I love the way you're playing this. I think jauntier versions that I've heard here lose the grace and charm of the tune.

The Mainstay event seems a perfect venue for you and your music.  I know those who are there will become, if not already, avid followers, as have we.
I have just listened two times to Joe Holt's Notes Radio Show of Sunday, Sept. 6, 2009. I am really touched by your playing of September In The Rain and Be Thou My Vision. Your music performances always move me deeply.

From the Journal
(Oops) I did it again, and accepted the position of Musical Director for the fall (contemporary - as opposed to the spring "classic") musical at Church Hill Theatre. Auditions ended Tuesday evening, but casting was not resolved until this morning. We will all have a challenge on our hands for this one, (and perhaps) especially me, as this is the rare (and before last year's production, virtually non-existent) "reading" gig. Feeling a little less overwhelmed about this one, but still will be putting in many hours of prep. My reading chops are far from where they should be, as all the eggs rolled to the improv side of my basket. The good part of that is the acknowledgment of weakness, and the recognition of strength. I can work to strengthen the weakness, while also getting deeper into where my specific gifts are. Recent gigging has been nothing short of awesome. Nonetheless, I am continually humbled by (even more) awesome possibilities. Watched a bunch of YouTube jazz video with Robbie the other night (who is now a big fan of McCoy Tyner, and Marcus Roberts, among others). Humbled and inspired. Practice, practice, 
Friday, July 31, 2009

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