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October, 2007
vol 3, no 10
Hope this finds you well. Autumn is upon us, and it's (school year) routine is in full gear. This year my youngest (Robbie) began middle school. No more elementary school in my family (first time in, I think, 15 years!). They're growing up! I'm growing (up, perhaps, but certainly) older, too, but it doesn't feel like it (good thing, else I'd never keep up!). Thank you for your continued interest in and support of what I do. I feel like I'm starting to get a little peek around the corner at which things are about to turn. Here's what it looks like... 
Featured Performances
Pismo Beach
FRIDAY 10/26 - SUNDAY 10/28:
I'll perform with the Midiri Brothers Sextet and Trio, and solo piano at the Jubilee By the Sea, Pismo Beach, Ca.
is a unique little beach town, and a neat setting for a festival. Makes for a pleasant, swinging weekend. In addition to performing with the Brothers, I am scheduled for a solo set on Sunday.
SUNDAY 11/25: 5pm
I'll perform with comedian Brian Whitaker in a presentation of "He's Steppin' Out" in a jazz vespers service at the First Presbyterian Church, Pitman, NJ
"He's Steppin' Out" is a unique family event of original Christian music, with songs taken from the CD release of the same name.
Originally recorded with my jazz trio, we now present  solo piano, along with Brian Whitaker. An often comic presentation, but with a real message. Fun for all ages.
FRIDAY - SUNDAY 12/14-16: "Do You Hear What I Hear - A Holiday Celebration" at the Prince Theatre, Chestertown, Md.
My Christmas CD becomes the theme, as I'll be joined by a roster of the area's finest vocalists performing the music from "Do You Hear What I Hear" and "Do You See What I See" (anticipated fall release). I'll perform solo and accompany.
Other Opportunities
This month puts an emphasis on travel, as, in addition to Pismo, I also perform with the Midiri sextet at the Sun Valley (Idaho) festival. Locally this month, there is also an opportunity to catch me with Vessa, as well as my regular solo performances, including the Methodist Country House. Note also a concert of Christian hymns and songs, and jazz improvisations at the Denton (Md) Church of the Nazarene on Sunday Nov 4. Check the schedule for these, and many other events. 
A new CD project with the Midiri brothers is underway (look for a "behind the scenes" post on my you tube channel), my Christmas CD - "Do You See What I See" - is soon to go into manufacturing, and the you tube channel has passed 5,600 video views (now in month 4). Whew!
Look also for significant changes in the radio show, as the theme now becomes - "Join Joe as he plays the piano for you". Well, what are you waiting for - Listen to the show!
From the Journal
Another piece of (just confirmed) news: small, but significant. I've just been confirmed for a solo set at the Pismo festival next month. Part of the deal with joining the Midiri guys (beginning last year) on their already established festivals, and going in with them on all the new ones, is to introduce myself as solo artist, in addition to a sideman with the band. And, in God's providence, I've re-entered the scene at good time. Here's (a portion of) what I wrote in the notes of the video post "Once in a While"; taken from a small solo set (pianorama) at the Mammoth festival:

"These events are also opportunities for me to build connections (as an individual player) with a larger "audience". One step at a time. No wait, this is me I'm talking about. Multiple steps (spinning plates) while stepping on other things. Whatever :)"

In the last post (on this blog) , I referenced working out concepts for just such an occasion (although that night I had in mind a one song feature that I know is coming at the Sun Valley festival the week before Pismo). Now I can take it further, even in this "baby step". It will be cool.
The Big Story

Welcome Kim Mills - Manager of Joe Holt's Notes Records!

On 9/19, Kimberly Mills came on board as our new record label manager. This is an exciting (and, honestly, a little scary) step, as we prepare for continued growth in sales and label/name recognition. Kim, along with her husband Jonathan Mills, have been my very close friends for the last several years. Kim and Jonathan (and Mackenzie and Wesley) live in Newark, De. You soon can reach Kim on our product line: 800 245-HOLT(4658)

Joe Holt's Notes Records
He's asteppin Out
This month we highlight the unique, entertaining, and thoughtful CD that will bring joy to you and your entire family: "He's Steppin' Out" . This recording is a collection of original bible songs (and one jazz standard that snuck in as a bonus track), performed by the Joe Holt Trio, and featuring the comic voice of Jim Lawlor, This recording truly has something for everyone.  
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