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June, 2007
Vol 3, No 6
I hope this finds you well. Thanks for your continued interest in what I'm up to, and I've certainly been up to things. One of these "adventures" has been the launch of the Joe Holt's Notes You Tube "channel". Here you can view a continually expanding library of live performances captured on video. And for more of what I've been up to...
Featured Performances
FRIDAY 6/8: 8pm-12am
Joe performs with
Bryan Clark at Dover Downs Lobby Bar, Dover, De
This event is special and unique because of the opportunity to hear the remarkable vocalist and entertainer Bryan Clark in an intimate setting with Joe doing what he does best (or, at least, enjoys the most) - accompanying solo piano.
FRIDAY 7/13 - SUNDAY 7/15
Joe performs with the
Midiri Brothers sextet and trio at the Mammoth Lakes Jazz Jubilee, Ca.
An incredibly beautiful setting for an eclectic festival.
Worth considering for a memorable vacation (unless you're lucky and already live there).
SUNDAY 8/19: 6pm
Joe performs in concert at the
Melwood Church of the Nazarene, Upper Marlboro, Md
A unique solo piano concert featuring Christian hymns and songs, as well as jazz and popular standards


Other Opportunities 

This month, though still busy for me, is a little light on the public events. In addition to varied gigs with Bryan Clark, I also participate with the Midiri Brothers in a significant jazz festival in Northern New Jersey (it may be a 3 hour drive for me, but it's still closer than California!). Also, many summer engagements are continuing to come in. Check in with the schedule (updated weekly) for more details.

Radio News 
A lot of reflection last month about the show; it's purpose, and it's future. At the onset, "Joe Holt's Notes on the Radio" was seen, among other things, as a marketing tool: a way to promote the existence, and content, of my recordings. I have since learned that the real value of this weekly effort is not about "selling", but rather about "sharing". As the show has developed, I have increasingly seen the value of sharing the substance of (the whole of) my "calling", not just the recorded music. I am pleased and proud of many of the recent shows, which have set the direction on which this
endeavor may continue. If you haven't listened lately, I invite you to check in again. Welcome to my world!
Recording News
Right now, I'm sitting on the likelihood of three completed recordings (CDs) "in the can". The larger expense (of post production/manufacturing) ahead of me will guide me in "measuring my steps". At the very least, I hope to have more information on the release plans of "Do You See What I See" in next month's newsletter. Stay tuned.
From the Journal
Had 3 great gigs last weekend. All different, but all the same - they were all great. In each one, I felt fully "in command" of my role, and it's fulfillment. A solo piano house party (I only take these selectively) began the weekend on Friday night. This was a surprise birthday dinner for a wonderful person whom I have gotten to know through my senior work. Presenting me to her revealed the surprise. That was cool. Later in the evening, a few guests (it was a small party) sat around the piano creating, in effect, a mini-concert. In the small world department, a gentleman was in attendance who has attended several of my concerts at the Mainstay. He smiled a lot, and said (repeatedly) to those around him: "I've paid money to hear this guy!". On Saturday, I enjoyed a very strong and successful evening with Bryan Clark (and Mike McShane on drums). On Sunday afternoon, I was up in Easton, Pa. (150 miles north of me) for a concert performance with the Midiri Brothers sextet. I was taken aback a little by how many attendees greeted me by name prior to the hit. I also "observed", pleasantly, how this new command (it really is like an artistic 'born again" experience at this point) allowed me to deal with "curve balls", and other unexpected stuff that would have, in the past, tied me up in knots on stage. It seems that the "constipation" (discussed in prior entries) has found a spiritual cure.
Read the Journal     posted by Joe Holt at Thursday, May 10, 2007
Joe Holt's Notes Records
He's Steppin' Out
This is a unique project, and it is hard to compare it to anything out there. Once you listen you'll be hooked, but aside from that, it's hard to get across exactly what this project is; however, I'll try. Back in (another life) the mid-1980's, a "youth" choir was begun at the church in which I served. I was quickly "underwhelmed" with the published material available for this genre, so I determined to write my own. Ever the multi-tasker, I would piece the songs together, penning just enough (of a given tune) each week, just before rehearsal, to rote-teach the kids. And we didn't just learn words, we studied and discusses the meaning and application of each scripture passage (from which a given song was taken). Our "performances" (which included drama and comedy) were with "gusto" and from the heart. Decades later, these songs were reworked, along with new ones, to create a project just as unique and heartfelt. Now, however, we have adult voices (including a comedian), a jazz trio, and a sophisticated presentation (suitable for ages 3 to 103). This is a unique "children's" album that adults find hard to put away. Try it for yourself!
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