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July, 2007
vol 3 no 7
Welcome (to my world)!
Thanks for receiving this monthly update. Hope this e-mail finds you well. This is a busy summer month; professionally, for which I'm grateful. Of course, I can create my own busyness with very little "effort"; it just happens! In addition to performing (and the related - and time consuming - administration and sales), I continue to be busy with the radio program, and my new youtube channel. Read all about it below.
Featured Performances 
FRIDAY 7/13 - SUNDAY 7/15:
Joe performs with the Midiri Brothers sextet and trio at the Mammoth Lakes Jazz Jubilee, Ca.

An incredibly beautiful setting for an eclectic festival. Worth considering for a memorable vacation (unless you're lucky and already live there).

SUNDAY 8/19: 6pm
Joe performs in concert at the
Melwood Church of the Nazarene, Upper Marlboro, Md
A unique solo piano concert featuring Christian hymns and songs, as well as jazz and popular standards
THURSDAY 9/6: 7pm
Solo piano entertainment concert - featuring jazz and popular standards, at the Philadelphia Protestant Home , Philadelphia, Pa for info (215)697-8564
I have performed in concert for the Phila. Protestant Home retirement residents and surrounding community every other month since 1994 (75 performances)! This event is like one big family, where I share personal and family stories, and present a solo piano concert. Unique among my "venues", this program is an opportunity to enjoy a warm and friendly evening.
Other Opportunities 
This month features numerous and varied opportunities to hear Bryan Clark, with yours truly "in the band": including a "Las Vegas Christmas in July" show at the Globe Theater in Berlin, Md. Also, two NJ concerts with the Midiri Brothers, and more! Then, early next month, back to California with the Midiri brothers. Click here to see the schedule
The radio show continues! Although no longer on WNJC in southern New Jersey, we continue on WKDI; Sundays at 2pm (and Saturdays at 5pm - thru October only). Increasing emphasis, however, is placed now on the radio archive, where you can hear all the shows anywhere, and anytime (with an internet connection - including dial-up!). The new youtube channel has kept me busy also. 15 posts so far - many more coming! Check in at least once a week (when you listen to the radio show, perhaps?) to keep up with what's new. In addition to this, the new Christmas CD (sequel) is still "in the pipeline". More to come on that - "stay tuned".
Form the Journal
The summer (gigging) calender has filled out fairly well, and I'm grateful. What has come on particularly strong lately is the sideman work. Sometimes I don't appreciate these gigs as much as I should, given my personal goals concerning growth and opportunities as a soloist. "We may make our plans, but the Lord determines the outcome" comes to mind here. At any rate, and for whatever it's worth and whatever it means, I continue to feel in ever deeper command of my playing/expression. What began over a year ago as a personal discovery (epiphany) regarding the spiritual nature of music making, and the ability to move beyond myself in the process, has become an increasing opportunity to make a difference - I feel - with these (more deeply developed) connections. I really do feel that I'm being prepared for something. Not knowing "the outcome", the best I can do right now is to pursue artistic growth as much as possible (because I'm just getting started here), and aggressively promote (I get distracted from some aspects of this, sometimes) to the extent that I understand how. Related to this, my "you tube" (video) "channel" is now up to 7 posts, with a steady stream of visitors. These visitors create new traffic on my website, and that's a good thing. if you check out the videos, let me know what you think. Thanks!
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Joe Holt's Notes Records
My much belated first solo piano jazz recording. The title actually came in a list of suggestions from my graphic designer; Ned Bustard of "World's End Images".  "Playing By Heart" was easy for me to grab onto, and has been affirmed by others as illustrative of my performances. I'm grateful for that. The subtitle "Always" was my addition; making it about this CD in particular (Always is the closing selection here, as it is on many of my concert dates). It also enhances the title, and , I hope, describes my intent when performing. I'm flattered to have received the following comment on one of my youtube video pages. It encourages me to keep going:
"Joe Holt is my favorite piano player of recent years. He "plays with passion - wooing the piano instead of punishing it" as some modern players are accustomed to doing. The piano is to Joe, a sensuous musical companion that mirrors his musical imagination and various interpretive moods. When you listen to Joe, listen with your heart."
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