Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter Vol 3 No 2
February 2007


Thanks for receiving this newsletter. As if I'm not "in your face" enough, here is where we throw everything out (not "away", but "in the open") and hope that you'll find something interesting (if not, keep looking. It's got to be in here somewhere!). Slowly but steadily, we're getting there (whatever that may mean. Let me know if you have any good idea.). Now, about this month...

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  • Jazz Performances and Concerts

    Last month (January) presented a wide assortment of gigs in this category. This month is concentrated Midiri Brothers, at least in the first part. On the first weekend (this month) we perform for the Central Illinois Jazz Festival in Decatur (first time for all of us), and the following weekend we spend at the Golden Inn in Avalon, NJ. Even in the dead of winter, I'll make it a point to walk on the beach, and appreciate God's work and presence (hey, wait a minute, shouldn't I save this commentary for the next section?). Keep in touch with the schedule, as some events, both this and next month, will likely come in at the last minute. Hope to see you sometime!

    Church Sponsored Concerts

    It would have been fine to save my "commentary" for here, except that I have no Church related programming on which to comment (this month). As of now, the next church events are 2 morning worship concerts in Marlton NJ in April. Beyond that, some interesting possibilities are shaping up, including a jazz vespers series at the Newark De. First Church of the Nazarene. I'll keep you posted.

    Radio News

    And news there is. First, this month marks the one year anniversary for "Joe Holt's Notes on the Radio" on WNJC 1360am (Phila/S.Jersey). To "celebrate", we've added a new station(!): WKDI 840am in Denton Md; serving Middle and Southern Delaware, and Eastern Maryland. WKDI airs the show on Sunday afternoons from 2-2:30, while WNJC remains on Thursday evenings at 9pm (with live on-line streaming). Each station airs the same show, which is then added to the archive. Now we're syndicated! I am excited about this opportunity to reach out to a larger audience. Check it out...

    Recording News

    Decisions, decisions. Several recordings are in the planning or early recording stages, and the coming weeks and months will tell how the priorities will fall. Perhaps the most intriguing to me is a series of "no agenda" improvisations that I am collecting. No tunes, just playing. This is new ground for me, so I am treading somewhat cautiously. Once I develop the concept a little further, I'll get brave and feature one on the "audio trailers" segment of my show. Stay tuned.

    From the Journal

    I am really enjoying myself when I play the piano these days. The last gig of my "triple" today (Thursday, but it's now after midnight) was at the Homestead Manor (assisted living) retirement community with the Midiri Brothers (my pseudo- siblings) and Sue Matthews. This was Sue's first time with us (as a unit). She was blown away. It was fun. Sue was great, and fit right in. There are still "bumps in the road" In this "spiritual" music making, but nonetheless, my playing has been transformed, and "healed". I was reminded tonight of a letter to a friend a couple of months ago. Recalling some of it here is relevant to my thoughts. Note: the name(s) have been omitted to protect the unsuspecting: "I really believe that this is the time for me; that the "deck has been cleared" for me to now go out, as me, and make a contribution, as I seek to connect with people. I am certainly in the early stages of this pilgrimage, I feel, but DYHWIH shows glimmers (even if faintly) of the light that I am following. Things really have transformed for me, and I believe that, in time, I will learn to better make my way around this (to some extent) new place. I am responding (as best I can, and not entirely consistently) to this spiritual connection, and people are responding to me. The Mainstay event on Sat. was wonderful, as I felt strongly connected. This connection, that I now find more often than not, and never (anymore) really not, which places me outside of me when playing, is wonder and joy to me. I can only feel warmth inside as I watch this all begin to come together. I look forward to the future. It's good to feel called." posted by Joe Holt at Friday, January 12, 2007

    Featured on the Radio Show

    Just in time for Valentine's day, we highlight a collection of love songs; original songs by Pete Peters. I had known Pete for perhaps a couple of years when he made clear to me that he wanted to produce a professional CD from among his many original songs. Before I knew it, or thought to ask: "What have I gotten myself into?", I found myself working with Pete from the "ground up" to create this recording. First came the many hours of choosing and editing his songs, then making all the arrangements to take it into the studio. On a personal level, this project solidified my relationship with Marc Moss, the recording engineer whom I have completed several projects with, and look forward to many more. When I arranged to take my musical colleagues into the studio to record the instrumental track, the (near) impossible happened. 7 consecutive first takes! Marc was impressed (duh, yeah!), and made sure that Pete knew that this was not the typical outcome. All I know is, if you want an ambitious outcome, make ambitious plans. I arranged the recording session with the possibility of recording the entire CD (instrumentally) in one 5 hour block (with a 4 man rhythm section, including a guitar player I'd never met, playing tunes that no one, except me, had ever seen or heard). We did it, and with no compromise on quality. When Sue Matthews (the female vocalist on the recording, along with Tim Dove) heard the instrumental tracks she would be singing to, she was blown away! She and Tim each put in equally strong performances, matching the instrumental, for sure. All Aglow is a well put together product. Nice tunes, great musicians, and a classy presentation. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

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