Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter vol 2 no 10
October, 2006

I hope this autumn season finds you well. Things continue to buzz and stir and be revealed to me. I'm learning a lot, even with each new day's adventures. Speaking of adventures, I've one you can watch, if you haven't already. I appeared accompanying Karen Somerville on the Tim Qualls Show (greater Phila. area), which is now archived. Go to the Positive Promotions video page, click entertainment, then the Tim Qualls Show for 8/23/06. We are the last 5 minutes. While you're surfing, check out my new,user-friendly webpage (it looks great, too!). And now, about this month...

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  • Jazz Performances and Concerts

    The "new news" this month is Bryan Clark (with his trio, including me) appearing at the Signature Lounge, at Baywood Greens, in Long Neck, De. every Wednesday, beginning 10/4, from 6:30-9pm. We are scheduled (at least) through the end of the year. Bryan always delivers a powerful performance, and is well worth coming to see. The band behind him isn't bad either. Things have a way of even-ing themselves out, and in that light Sullivan's is only scheduled for me 2 Tuesdays this month. I'm not completely sure about the future of this one, so if you've been planning to come but putting it off, do it now (this month). Click on the link below for a complete listing of performances this month, including another trip with the Midiri Brothers to a California jazz festival...

    Church Sponsored Performances

    This month is "dark" for church-sponsored programming, with the exception of the last day (Sun Oct 1) of the renewal weekend in Florida with (my pal) Jonathan Mills. The trip went exceptionally well, all things considered. See "From the Weblog" below for my reflections, both during, and after the trip. Kepp in touch with the performance schedule for future events.

    Radio News

    "Joe Holt's Notes on the Radio" has become increasingly central to my purpose of reaching out to touch you, and others. Some of you have "reached back", and have touched me with your encouragement. Thank you. The show has been a vehicle for getting things "out there" (sooner and more efficiently than otherwise). Check out the archive for 9/28, and go to the "audio trailers" segment (in the second half of the show). You will hear my comedy sketch: "Sounds From a Silent Movie", taken from my 9/9 concert at the Prince Theater (in Chestertown). This is one of many previews that can be heard only on "Joe Holt's Notes". Remember you can catch the show as it airs on WNJC 1360am or listen online from 9-9:30pm eastern time.

    Recording News

    At this writing, we are preparing my new solo piano Christmas album:"Do You Hear What I Hear" for manufacturing. It is reasonable now to anticipate it's release in mid-November. You'll find "Do You Hear What I Hear" listed in the discography for pre-release ordering. Also added to the discography (but not available for about 2 more weeks) is the new Midiri Brother's project: "A Shaw Thing". This brings the total of new releases (this year) on which I perform to 8 (3 of these are on my label). Up until now, there has been some serious multi-tasking. Now, a breather...but not for long...

    From the Weblog

    Sitting in the lobby of the Super 8 in Gainesville, Fla. Arrived last night after my concert in Greenville, SC Wednesday. I'm more relaxed now (but distracted by the television). I built tension into my schedule by working Sullivan's (in Wilmington, De) Tuesday night, and pulling away at 11:30pm. After crashing in Ashland,Va later that night, I drove aggressively (but responsibly, I think), to arrive at the church with 40 minutes to go. The good news, for me, is even with that, I was able to settle in to the zone/spiritual place during the gig, despite not having any warm up/sit at the piano time (which, at the point just before hit, was frustrating). This idea of "falling out of self-absorption", and stepping outside myself to a spiritual place when performing, has changed everything. Last week, I devoted a day, and recorded my entire Christmas CD. Before now, that degree of focus and consistency would have been out of reach, and something I certainly wouldn't have planned for. I did plan this way, however, for last week's session, believing/having confidence in this work of God in me. I think we can call this responding in faith. It's all exciting to me, as I ride the ride and discover where it goes. posted by Joe Holt | Friday, September 29, 2006

    Back home now. The week away was successful, and profitable. It appears that my future partnership with Jonathan (with whom I served on church staff for 3 years; becoming "soul-mates" in ministry) may be in this renewal/revival weekend partnership. He in his preaching, and I in my music presentation, are approaching from the same angle: seeking to dispense/communicate "revelation" with substance and integrity, willing to "push the envelope", and stretch the participants, and trusting all this to "not return void, but accomplish the purpose...". I do believe that God is revealed in all creation (which would include the music I play) where faith is found. This directs me to take the same (reverential) attitude to any venue I play: from the bar to the stage to the revival. Did I mention "pushing" and "stretching"? posted by Joe Holt | Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    In Focus

    This has been quite a year for new recordings, and it's not over yet! The last 4 newsletters/months in a row have brought new CDs to you. This month, however, we are taking a break - sort of - well, you decide. The Midiri Brothers released the CD "Jammin' at Bridgewater" back in 2003. Although I wasn't a part of that live concert (recorded for the CD), I wound up on the recording anyway, on the final selection ("You Took Advantage of Me"), taken from an earlier concert in the same venue where I was the guest artist. Recent collaborations with the Brothers have led me to add "Jammin' at Bridgewater" to the available offerings from Joe Holt's Notes. Although I appear on only one cut, the same is true of the New Legacy Jazz Band CD: "5 Months 2 Weeks 2 Days", so the precedent is already set. The following review of this recording appeared in the Los Angeles Jazz Scene magazine, October 2003: Waxing Poetic Reviews by Scott Yanow MIDIRI BROTHERS SEXTET Jammin' At Bridgewater - One of the major hits of the past two Orange County Classic Jazz Festivals, the Midiri Brothers are based in New Jersey and perform music in the vein of the early 1940s Benny Goodman sextet. Clarinetist Joe Midiri is one of the outstanding swing clarinetists around today while his twin brother Paul Midiri is his counterpart on vibes. Their group also includes the lyrical trumpeter Dan Tobias, guitarist Pat Mercuri (who hints at times at Charlie Christian), bassist Gary Cattley and drummer Jim Lawlor. Jammin' at Bridgewater features the band at a live gig from last January, plus one selection (a lengthy "You Took Advantage Of Me") from seven months earlier with Joe Holt added on piano. Although the music does not quite catch on fire at the same intense level as the group did in Orange County, it comes quite close many times. Among the numerous highlights are "Shine," "Stompin' At The Savoy," a riff-filled "Breakfast Feud," a version of "East Of The Sun" that is a clarinet-guitar duet, and a heated rendition of "Limehouse Blues." The Midiri Brothers deserve to be much better known for their sextet in one of the most exciting small group swing units around today. This is a highly recommended disc....

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