Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter Vol 2 No 6
June 2006


What a month May was! A new CD release ("The Other Brother"), working on other projects coming soon (including starting the Beth McDonald project - watch for that one), and a wide variety of performances - over 50 - including (just returning from) the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee with the Midiri Brothers. Tired, but renewed. Look for a variety of performances this month (all local - but back to California next month for another festival with the Midiri crew), and another new CD release. Now, about this month...

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  • Jazz Performances and Piano Entertainment Concerts

    There are a nice variety of public performance opportunities this month. Sullivan's is going strong, and remains the best place to be if "all jazz, all the time" is for you. Of course, it's really "all jazz all the time" all the time. That's just life. Also, this just in: Bryan Clark and I are back at "Shark's Cove" for this summer season. Come on down for a fine meal, and let Bryan captivate you. Click for details...

    Church Sponsored and Christian Music Concerts

    I've dropped the ball on this one. Because, since I am late getting this out, you may not know (unless you listen to my radio show, or check my performance schedule on your own) that I am with the Midiri Brothers at the Chestertown Chirch of the Nazarene on Sun the 11th at 5pm (about 2 hours after I send this). Sorry. I am, however, giving you more notice about the concert with Tim Dove at the Newark Church of the Nazarene on the 25th. Check it out...

    Joe Holt's Notes on the Radio

    The radio show continues on Thursday evenings from 9-9:30pm (eastern time) on WNJC1360am, in the S.Jersey/Phila. area. If you can't catch it then, each show hits the archive within 24 hours. I've enjoyed having guests on the program each week, including the "irregular Chaplain". If you have yet to listen, check it out, and let me know what you think.

    From the Weblog

    The following 2 entries were posted just before and after the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee:

    BEFORE - Am out in Sacramento, Calif with the Midiri brothers for the big jazz festival ("Jubilee"). We arrived last night. I'm rooming (at the Sheraton grand downtown - nice) with Gary (the bass player). I told him I'd wait for him to go out to breakfast. It's 8:30 am, and I've been up for 3 hours. I finally gave in to in-room coffee. Gary is stirring and snorting more. Perhaps he'll get up soon. Our first set is at 1pm today, then it's off to the races. The trip out yesterday helped me with something with which I've been struggling. It's been some years since I've flown, and I've lost somewhat the sense of it. It "dawned" on me that to travel to an event like this (with 5+ hours in the air, check-ins, layovers, delays, and whatever else) is to, essentially, give up a day. Ouch. A day without routine is like a day without imposed structure is like is like a day without routine... I've already acknowledged my "trapped- ness" (at least to myself). Yesterday gave me a Sabbath opportunity, which I (eventually) decided not to resist. I wonder if/when Gary will ever wake up (he's silent now). posted by Joe Holt | Friday, May 26, 2006

    AFTER - Good morning, routine. It's about 7am on Thursday morning. Charie made the bus, and before long, Robbie's alarm will go off. I'm in my office, staring at the computer screen. Why? Because I don't have time, really (routine, you know) to even begin any of the half-dozen or so directions my mind and soul have been exploring over the past few days. The flight home, having by then embraced the shedding of routine, was a time of reflection and healing. This trip was a provision of God to me, and the introspection continues. As for physical stuff, I pulled in my driveway around 4 am Tuesday morning. I succeeded in getting up at 6am (after going to bed at 4:30) to awaken Charie for school. Since then, there have been periods of fog, followed by haze. The sunshine, however, is always there (here). posted by Joe Holt | Thursday, June 01, 2006

    In Focus

    We did it! Two days before flying out to Sacramento with the Midiri Brothers for the Jazz Jubilee, I drove to our manufacturer and filled my van with (a lot of) boxes of our new trio project: "Joe Holt Presents The Midiri Brothers - The Other Brother". Back in early January of this year, Joe, Paul and I performed a trio concert, in which we were all reminded of the musical connection and bond we share. It was determined that night that they would seek to add me on festival trips (3 have been arranged for this year, Sacramento being the first), and that we would record the trio CD to introduce this group, and me, at these (and other) events. Unlike the "Avalon" CD, which, although a collaboration, is a Midiri-owned project, "The Other Brother" has been released on the "Joe Holt's Notes" label, as the 4th in the series. This means that (among other things) that I got to write the liner notes, which read:

    In 1975, in the band room of the Triton Regional High School, a brotherhood was born. Not of blood, (no Italian in mine), but of shared persuits, shared vision, shared faith. Strained at times, vibrant at others, together, then apart, the connection, the brotherhood remains, to be picked up again as if nothing changed . And that's what relatives (brothers) do , of any stripe. They keep rediscovering home, to continually find that they still have a place. A place not to live, but in which to remain connected, acknowledging that some bonds are just not to be severed. So here we are, over 30 years later, living the perpetual reunion, coming back home (as long as someone remembers to take out the garbage)".

    This projects features two trios, really. We are split just about down the middle with a clarinet, piano and drums group, and a Hammond organ, drums and saxophone group. It took us in some new directions, that I anticipate being well recived (we'll await the reviews). It's a fun album, check it out...

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