Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter Vol. 2 No. 7
July, 2006


Happy summer! As I write this section, I'm enjoying the yiew of the Rehoboth Bay waiting for a gig to start at the country club (I love my new laptop). Lots of gigs, and a new connection (I feel) to my artistic expression. I'm enjoying myself. I hope that you feel blessed in your endeavors (and life) as well. Thanks for your interest in what I do. Now about this month...

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  • Jazz Performances and Piano Entertainment Concerts

    Another busy month: Numerous engagements with Bryan Clark (in 5 different venues), Sullivans Steak House continues, 2 events for the Chestertown 300 birthday celebration, a trip to Mammoth Lakes California with the Midiri brothers, and plenty else to keep me going (including the private, corporate, and music therapy work I perform each month). Check it out...

    Church Sponsored and Christian Music Concerts

    I am off - quiet - dark - resting - insert creative word here - in this category until (likely) September when things pick up again. Scheduled in Sept. so far: Milford Pa, Greenville SC, N.Ft.Myers, Fla. Check back with the performance schedule, as I'll get these (and others) posted in the near future.

    Radio News

    This marks month 6 for me on WNJC. I'm enjoying the routine of weekly show production (with my friend and program engineer Rob Hilty) and content prep. Thank you (listeners "out there") for your support and encouragement. I am looking into a second station, but it may take some time. Meanwhile, check it out on WNJC 1360 am on Thursday nights from 9- 9:30pm (eastern time).

    From the Weblog

    It's spiritual. I get it now (by this I mean that the door has been cracked open to a new and growing awareness). The "zone" to which I sometimes refer is, indeed, a spiritual place. It appears that Christians (of all people) resist the concept of things spiritual. Yes, I said that. My Christian heritage (which I treasure) emphasizes "truth" (this worked for me, until my "inner existentialist" took over). A pastor friend recently said to me, after a conversation with another Christian: "his spirituality is (holding his thumb and index finger about a half an inch apart) about this wide. Can we say this? Isn't Christianity about resting in "truth", and if you have the "truth", you are spiritual (negating any broader spirituality to which people often refer)? 30 years ago I would have said yes. Now I would read that and see small- minded arrogance. You may call this simply semantics, but read "God" over "truth" in the previous question, and the universe opens up. I have learned to re-think the idea of "getting it right". God already has gotten it right, and now I can rest in God. Okay, now restate the question: Isn't Christianity about resting in God, and if you have God, you are spiritual? Yes. It is in the spiritual place that (my) music is made. I am now beginning to understand to find the "portal" away from myself (in multiple respects), jumping off of musical construction (in my mind), to fall out of self- absorption, and into a spiritual place (with no formulas, incantations, or verbally invoking the name of Jesus. He is already there). Communicate in the spiritual, and you reach people spiritually, This has always been the deal with me, but now I get it. My last few gigs have been eye-opening for me, in this regard. God is at work. I love it. posted by Joe Holt | Wednesday, June 07, 2006

    In Focus

    Another new release! This one is a unique and thoughtful project by Norman Satchell featuring me on the keyboard playing - note for note - Scott Joplin rags (as a teenager, this music was my "jumping off point" into jazz. When I met Joe and Paul Midiri at age 14, this is much of what I played, so it was neat to be involved in this). A long held dream for Norm has been to produce a Scott Joplin recording on which he plays saxophone, and he had talked about it with me for some time. Actually, I recorded the piano arrangements several years ago, but, for several reasons, Norman has been "sitting on" this project until recently (com'on Norm, time to get up now, heeeere we go...). He has added saxophone lines to most of the tracks (leaving a couple of the rags as piano solos) creating a unique sound. We have tried to be true here to both the letter and the spirit of Scott Joplin. If you enjoy ragtime music, then check it out...

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