Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter Vol. 2, no. 1
January 2006


Happy New Year! This begins my second year of monthly newsletters. Thank you for your continued interest, and welcome to those of you recieving this for the first time. 2006 continues to see new growth and opportunities, and I'm delighted to share this with you. Speaking of sharing, I'm having fun with my performance journal (currently listed as "Joe's Blog" on my website). I'd welcome any feedback or comments. Now, about this month...

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  • In Focus
  • Jazz Performances and Piano Entertainment Concerts
  • Church Sponsored and Christian Music Concerts
  • Mrs. Cab Calloway

  • Jazz Performances and Piano Entertainment Concerts

    This is a good, and fairly busy month (certainly so for January) with, as you'll see on the schedule, numerous (local) performing opportunities. Keep in mind that not everything (especially in this category) books far ahead (an example of this would be the gig at Sascha's In Baltimore with Felicia Carter. And if this one comes up again, I would highly recommend it - great food and music.), so check in to the schedule from time to time.

    Church Sponsored and Christian Music Concerts

    Two events occur this month. I'll be with vocalist Bryan Clark in Chestertown on the 8th (I highly recommend this). On Sun, the 15th I'll be performing solo in Newark, De. Stay tuned for concerts now in the planning stage, including a trip to Florida in April.

    Mrs. Cab Calloway

    This article (may) conclude the ongoing "saga" that began with the August 2005 newsletter (let's see how long-winded I get). Here we are now, seven or eight years after the passing of Cab Calloway (I had seen him just days before his passing when he attended the first (day's) music therapy session I'd ever conducted). It had been 3 or 4 years since I had been to that particular "continuing-care" facility (due to a change in administration), and the events there had faded back from the front of my mind. Now, right in front of me, at Sullivan's (my then solo restaurant gig), was Mrs. Cab Calloway. I wouldn't have recognized her, I had seen her once and only briefly. Besides, much had changed. When Cab Calloway entered the health care (nursing) section of the facility in 1994, his wife also moved in, but to the independent cottages. She continued at the facility after her husband's death, but time had taken it's toll. By the time I met her at Sullivan's, she had been moved to the health care unit. But that night, she was "out on the town", and it was my part of town she came to. For a good half an hour, she sat by the piano, in her wheelchair, with her big martini glass, singing and smiling and cheering as I played just for her (never mind that others were there also). When I got up to talk with her, and discovered that she was now a health care resident of the facility, it was my turn to smile (not that I wasn't smiling before). By coincidence (I call it providence), I had just negotiated a (once a month) return to that facility (after not being there for several years, during which time Mrs. Calloway made her "transition") to begin the following week! Mrs. C was excited to hear that I was coming. We made a "date". To be continued (I promise, next time I really will wrap it up)...

    In Focus

    In focus this month is the anticipation of something we can't yet see, but, later this month (if all goes according to plan), will be realized; the release of my latest (and first solo piano jazz and popular standards) CD. Not yet titled (better hurry up!), this recording features a wide variety of songs and styles (from Fats Waller to Nora Jones). It has taken on a character (mellow/"warm and fuzzy") not exactly what I had expected, but with which I am very pleased (and now understand is reflective of what I do best). It has been perpetually awkward for me not to have a product that represents the majority of what I do (hence, I still actively promote the 'Avalon" (Midiri Bros) CD as a jazz product, despite the fact that I seldom perform with them anymore). I am, therefore, seeing the release of this recording as a "turning point" for me. You won't find the information on this recording on my website (yet - this is your "sneak preview"), so I'll list the song titles here:

    • Out Of Nowhere
    • Blue Moon
    • As Time Goes By
    • Don't Know Why
    • Joy Spring
    • Try To Remember
    • Just The Way You Are
    • Honeysuckle Rose
    • It Had To Be You
    • Somewhere Out There
    • Bye Bye Blackbird
    • Always
    I fully expect this CD to be available by the end of this month (I can't guarantee, but am working hard to make this happen). Pre-release orders are welcome. Just write "new CD" on the order form (or on a piece of paper), and follow the instructions. Also, keep an eye on my product page for when this recording becomes available.

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