Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter Vol. 2 No. 2
February 2006


What a month! Things are happening at an increasingly busy pace (I was tempted to say dizzying, but I should save that word for when things get even busier - which they probably will). The big news this month is "Joe Holt's Notes on the Radio" which premiers on Thursday Feb 2 (only a few hours after I send this). Also, check out the improvements to the website (thank you Max Murray!). There's lots to talk about this month. Let's get started...

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  • Jazz Performances and Piano Entertainment Concerts

    January offered a wide variety of performing opportunities, February is not too far behind. Don't forget to check my telephone performance line at 877-JOE-HOLT for last minute changes and updates. In addition to everything going on this month, I wanted to give you a "heads up" and announce my first solo concert at the Mainstay in Rock Hall Md on March 18th at 8pm. See the quick links to go the the Mainstay concert page. In the coming weeks, the announcement will be there. Check out all my public events via the link below.

    Church Sponsored and Christian Music Concerts

    The highlight of the month for me is the return of "He's Steppin' Out": a family concert with comedian Brian Whitaker and myself. We will be "taking over" the morning worship service of the Elkton Church of the Nazarene on the 19th of this month at 11am. Find out more about this and other concerts by clicking on the link below.

    Radio News

    Very few people knew about this "when the time is right" vision that I've kept to myself for years: to buy time on a local radio station (first one, then expand) and present my recorded material on my own show. Well, all of a sudden (or so it seems), the time is right; all the of the "pieces" have come together (this is. of course, the short version). One of the best things about this whole deal is that the station (WNJC 1360, in Southern New Jersey) streams live on the Internet. If you can't listen on Thursday nights between 9 and 9:30 pm, though, you're not out of luck; the show will be archived each week on my website. So now there's no excuse not to check it out...

    The long and winding story

    This story is coming to a close, but it isn't over yet (don't worry, this really is the last installment of the multi-part saga that began last August). What began with a brief moment of connection with Cab Calloway in 1994 had continued with a meaningful rapport with Mrs. Calloway for, now, several years. I have had some wonderful visits with a woman who loves music, and her late husband. Imagine a smiling senior citizen singing happily (at the appropriate time), then cheering on an improvised solo; "you go man! yeah! I hear you!", and you can get the picture. Of all things I do in my integrated musical pursuits, the connection with, and the joy brought to senior citizens (as an entertainer and a music therapist), is the most deeply rewarding. God's plan is always beyond our comprehension.

    In Focus

    A word of explanation: Last month we took a sneak peek ahead at my new solo jazz CD - "Playing By Heart - Always", taking pre-release orders (thank you for these), and anticipating it's release by now. Well, almost. I apologize for the production delays that were, perhaps naively, unforeseen. The good news is that we've now moved into manufacturing, so now I know "the end is near". I'll fill the pre- release orders immediately upon my receipt of the product, and will look forward to announcing the official release of "Playing By Heart - Always" in the next newsletter. But, that's not the only reason that I'm not still talking about it. This month's (other) big news is the new release : "All Aglow". This recording debuts the original songs of Pete Peters. Pete approached me some months ago to help him put the pieces in place (edit and arrange the material, secure the musicians, find a studio) to realize his dream. I think we are all happy with the outcome. Featured on this recording are: Alan Dale - drums, Tom Baldwin - bass, Pete Smyser - guitar, you-know - who - piano, Sue Matthews and Tim Dove - vocals. The song are new, but in the tradition of the old standards. I think you'll like it.

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