Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter Vol 2 No 8
August 2006

Happy Summer!

Boy, has it been hot outside (but slightly better in recent days)! Now that I've been to California (twice recently on jazz festivals with the Midiri brothers), after not travelling (flying) for several years, I'm reminded of how good even the heat can feel without humidity. Not that I really have the time to notice, as the busyness intensifies. There will be a pocket of two of slower activity in August, but for the most part plenty of performance opportunities - and another (great!) new CD! Now about this month...

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  • Jazz Performances and Piano Entertainment Concerts

    July was a memorable month. I especially enjoyed the Mammoth Lakes Jazz Jubilee (travelling with the Midiri Brothers). The band was very well received, as was I as a soloist. I'm glad for these opportunities to "expand my audience". There will be one more for me (with the brothers) this year (Pismo Beach in October), but (likely) many more next year. We'll see how glad I remain at that point (I can see the travelling becoming burdensome - maybe). Speaking of expanding the audience; that appears to be happening in Chestertown (where I now live). I have been very well received in recent concerts at the local (Prince) Theatre, including for the "Chestertown 300" concerts in July. I am hopeful for this "momentum" to be reflected in the turnout for my concert (solo piano - introducing Beth McDonald) at the Prince on Saturday Sept. 9 (hint, hint, if you live nearby). We'll see. As for this month, lots of interesting opportunities; including a (back door) slot in the Chestertown Jazz Festival. Check it out....

    Church Sponsored and Christian Music Concerts

    One more "month off" here, then I "hit the ground running" in September with concerts in Milford Pa., Greenville SC, and N Fort Myers, Fla. Stay tuned for updates in the performance schedule on these events and more.

    Radio News

    "Joe Holt's Notes on the Radio" continues on 1360am WNJC (S. Jersey/Phila) on Thursday evenings from 9-9:30 pm, with a slowly but steadily growing audience. For those of you reading who receive this monthly newsletter; you are also receiving weekly show content announcements. These brief e-mails are designed to give you a "heads-up" on each show, and the opportunity to see the show content and check out the featured recordings. I'll welcome any feedback from you - pro or con - on these announcements. If you appreciate them; not to concern, I am planning to continue these mailings (at least for now). The bottom line is - that I am committed to this show, and to "getting the word out". Thanks, as always, for your interest. PS - Listen this month for special previews of the new Beth McDonald CD, scheduled for release the first week in September!

    Recording News

    It has occurred to me that, if you recieve this newsletter to be updated of what's going on in the world of Joe Holt's Notes, that I ought to begin reporting to you on the growing "plate" of recording projects. Actually, it's been busy for some time (you've been seeing the fruits of this recently in the flurry of new releases), as I've had opportunity to continue to grow the Joe Holt's Notes label, and participate in the recording projects of an increasing pool of artists. You'll note the new Bryan Clark release profiled 'In Focus". "Multi-Colored Blue" captures Bryan Clark in a strong performance. Equally powerful, but very different, is the debut release of new (but not entirely - more on that later) artist Beth McDonald - to be released next month. Stay tuned...

    From the Weblog

    This is likely my last opportunity to log in during the festival. One event to go. We had some down time, so a group of us took the Gondola ride to the top of Mammoth mountain - 11,000+ feet. The air back at the village doesn't seem so thin now. I expected to get a headache or something up there. That didn't happen, but shortness of breath came almost immediately upon exertion (like: walking). I am also struggling out here with the application of "spiritual" music-making that I have come to understand. It makes sense, though; "falling out of self-absorption" doesn't always just happen. In fact, given what I understand about human nature, it is counter- indicated. Stepping outside of (all?) self-concern is a spiritual exercise in and of itself. "Self-absorption" is indeed deep rooted in us (me). It is the reaction of the human condition, it seems, to reach down into the well of one's self when struggling with whatever to find the strength, or clarity, or whatever we need. That doesn't help to relieve the "trapped" condition, that I now understand to be the source of my trouble. The first step in successfully stepping outside of all this, I've discovered, is do remember it's necessity. posted by Joe Holt | Sunday, July 16, 2006

    In Focus

    Yet another new release, number 5 this year (and more to come)! This time it's the debut recording for Simply Classic Records: "Multi-Colored Blue". This long- anticipated release features Bryan Clark with the New Legacy Jazz Band. Bryan is a stunningly talented performer whom Providence (read - God) has brought into my path (and mine into his). When Bryan was referred to me and began booking me on his gigs, it didn't take long to understand that Alan Dale and his New Legacy Jazz Band would be the perfect fit (you're welcome Alan). The result, at this point, is (both) a live presentation, and a new CD, that is (as Alan would say) "super strong". Bryan is a very dynamic performer, and that energy is captured on this recording. The 15 tracks on this CD include 4 instrumental selections from the New Legacy Jazz Band. I am pleased to be able to offer this quality product through Joe Holt's Notes. Hard swinging, yet captivating, this CD deserves a look...

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