Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 9
October 2005


I love the fall! It's like everything in nature is winding down, preparing to take a rest. It also brings back memories of school and marching band (neither of which were my favorites during my teenage years, but somehow the recall is slightly warm and fuzzy). Now my oldest; Joe, Jr. is in 11th grade competitive marching band (oh no!, he's taking after me!). Now about this month...

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  • Product in focus
  • Jazz Performances and Piano Entertainment Concerts
  • Church Sponsored and Christian Music Concerts
  • Music Therapy For Who?

  • Jazz Performances and Piano Entertainment Concerts

    This month features varied venues with vocalist, Bryan Clark. If you haven't heard him yet, you should. We'll be at Dover Downs in De., the Cambridge Hyatt in Md., and Zanzabar in Phila., Pa. Also, jazz duos at Sullivan's Steak House continues with a wide range of bass players. Click on the link below for more info...

    Church Sponsored and Christian Music Concerts

    After a fun evening at Melwood Church of the Nazarene last month, "He's Steppin' Out is taking this month off. I will be featured in a solo concert in Quinton NJ (Salem Co.) later this month. Thereafter, things are brewing, stay tuned. Click below for info...

    Music Therapy For Who?

    We left our story (for first time readers, click on newsletter archives and read "What it's all About" and "A Music Therapist" from the two most recent issues) with me sitting in the Health Care Activity Director's office of an upscale retirement community, having been offered a 1 visit/week music therapy contract (on the strength of one entertainmant program). I do realize that if any other board- certified music therapists are reading this, that there may be some offense taken at the idea of an inexperienced (in music therapy) and untrained person being offered anything in this realm. I understand. I also understood (to some extent) at the time that, perhaps, something was happening; perhaps, God was at work. As an aside, I do accept and acknowledge that my life is ultimately directed by the providence of God, and understand that the circumstances that are presented to me are by "custom design". In light of this my feeling at the time was akin to: "Now what is God doing?", or, "Here we go again!". Not knowing just what I was getting into, but realizing that this was, perhaps, an opportunity for me to learn, grow, and open new doors, I accepted the invitation. Immediately, she responded; "Good! Now I have something I need to tell you, but you can't tell ANYONE". Before I could say "uh- oh" she continued; "Cab Calloway is a resident here. He recently had a stroke, and we're keeping it from the press, who have been trying to find out where he is. We and the family have agreed that he should not be made accessable to the media in his condition, and so it is necessary to..." By this time the shock was quickly turning to panic. "Oh, great, it's not enough that I have to present "music therapy" programs when I have no idea what I am doing, but now I have to have no idea what I'm doing while Cab Calloway is watching me!" To be continued...

    Product in focus

    This month's product in focus is the (only) Midiri Brothers "Big Band" recording, now available through Joe Holt's Notes: "Fingerbustin'". Unlike "Joe Holt Presents the Midiri Brothers - Avalon", which was a collaborative venture between us (and the debut CD for each of us), "Fingerbustin'", is a MidiriMusic production in which I am the pianist (as a sideman). This recording was released one year after "Avalon", and , in some respects, is like a companion product. Between the two, the variety of performing ensembles that the Midiri Brothers used at that time are featured. In "Fingerbustin'" (in addition to a few small group selections), the Big Band takes center stage. Clarinetist Joe Midiri pays virtuostic tribute to Benny Goodman, Sidney Bechet, Jimmy Dorsey, and others. The band arrangements are interesting and diverse, and performed with precision. Of all the recordings that I have been involved with, this one was the biggest production. Joe and Paul Midiri went through a lot (of money and other stuff) to get this one off the ground. It has recieved some excellent reviews. If you enjoy Big Band jazz, then this (not Bud) one's for you. Click on the link below to preview the song titles, and on the order form link to place a mail order (still working on getting that PayPal up and running. Thank you for your patience).

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