Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter
March 2005


Hope all is well with you. Spring is almost here (technically)! I hope you have weathered the winter. Welcome to all who have added your names to my newsletter list this past month. I'll try to keep you informed as to what's going on (as soon as I figure it out). One thing I do know is that Brian and I had a hoot (as did the children) at the Kings Christian School assembly in Feb. He's (as my friend Bruce Kaminsky would say) "a funny boy". More about that a few lines down. Since I "kept score" in the last newsletter, I'll keep it going by telling you that engagements in Feb. crept up to 30. this will increase a little in March, and probably continue to inch up in the coming months. Now about this month:

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  • Product in focus
  • Jazz Performances and Piano Entertainment Concerts
  • Church Sponsored and Christian Music Concerts
  • Other news

  • Jazz Performances and Piano Entertainment Concerts

    This month, Sullivan's Steak House continues on Tuesday nights (with the exception of 3/15 when I'll be working a private engagement with the Midiri Brothers), plus a couple of Wednesdays. I'm scheduled with Bruce Kaminsky on 3/22 and 3/29. In addition to the piano entertainment concerts (in retirement communities that agree to be listed), I have begun a new assosiation with vocalist/entertainer Bryan Clark and will be with Bryan and Alan Dale at the Garden Cafe at Dover Downs (De) later this month. Of course, feel free to check with me (I recommend it), at (877) JOE-HOLT, or with the event host before venturing forth. Click on the link below for more complete info.

    Church Sponsored and Christian Music Concerts

    In Feb., I had a variety of Church sponsored events; the gospel/jazz concert with Karen Sommerville, the solo piano concert in Elkton, and the school presentation with Brian (and all went well). This month, I'm stuck with Brian. The lone concert this month is a family concert - for all ages - of "He's Steppin' Out", with comedian Brian Whitaker, in Chestertown (Md) on Sunday 3/20. If you come, be prepared to laugh a lot, and enjoy yourself.

    Other news

    In last month's issue, I commented on my involvement and staff position (now titled Worship Arts Director) at the Chestertown (Md) Church of the Nazarene. This month, a brief postscript. We are initiating a new concert series with the "He's Steppin' Out" program this month. Beginning (and continuing) in April on the second Sunday of each month, the following performers will be featured;

    • 4/10 - guitarist, Fred Williams
    • 5/8 - pianist, Eric Apland
    • 6/12 - The Midiri Brothers
    • 7/10 - gospel vocalist, Bryan Clark
    • 8/14 - vocalist, Tim Dove
    Please keep in touch with the church website for more detailed information

    Product in focus

    This month's product in focus is my first solo piano CD: "Hymn and Christian Song Improvisations". Released in 2000, this recording initiates the documentation that is the purpose of the "Joe Holt's Notes" recording label. It seemed appropriate to me to begin with a project of familar "Christian" melodies, and "broadening" out thereafter. This has not been fully realized yet, but is coming. Also, in the future, I plan to "sequel" (perhaps multiple times, as cash flow improves) this project to provide a large variety of inspirational favorites for those who enjoy them.

    As with any recording (and if you are an artist of any kind, you will appreciate this), the longer time passes, the less it represents (my) current growth. Now comes the part about the documentation (and this is how I console myself). This recording preserves the context of that time, and as such it is like a page in a scrapbook: one in which I invite you to open. To view the product in greater detail, click on the link below (I'm sorry that the listening links are not operative yet, hopefully soon):

    View product page

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