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Joe Holt's Notes Newsletter
June/July 2005


Hope all is well with you, and welcome to those of you who have added your names to my mailing list since the last issue. I apologize that this issue is less than timely (in other words, I'm late!). Because of this, I have chosen to combine the June and July issues. Things have been especially busy in recent weeks, and this way I can take my time and be fully prepared (and on time) for the August issue. I will continue to prod my "web guy" to be on top of schedule updates, so don't hesitate to check the performance schedule prior to the August newsletter. If you clicked on a link to one of my web pages last time, you may have noticed that there was no means by which to access any other pages, because of my new site design (we're working on getting this "unglitched"). This may mean you haven't seen the changes (improvements and additions) to the site yet. Check it out by clicking on the website link at page bottom (you may find the F11 key helpful). Now about these months...

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  • Product in focus
  • Jazz Performances and Piano Entertainment Concerts
  • Church Sponsored and Christian Music Concerts
  • Concert Series and Jazz Vespers News

  • Jazz Performances and Piano Entertainment Concerts

    In June, I have enjoyed playing at Sullivan's Steak House (my regular Tuesday night jazz gig in Wilmington, De.) with Steve Beskrone (on bass). The gig continues in July with a variety of bass players and a couple of additional nights (clicking on the link below will fill in the details). Also in June (in addition to other things) I have had successful engagements with Bryan Clark at the Shark's Cove restaurant in Fenwick Island, De. Gigs with Bryan continue in July and coming months. On Friday the 15th, I particapate in an outdoor (I think) concert for the town of Middletown De. from 6-9pm featuring Karen Sommerville. The summertime can be a little erratic (swiss cheese) for gigs, but I'm managing (through God's provision) to stay busy. Click on the link below for a more thorough schedule (and don't forget to scroll down to the "Future Highlights" section).

    Church Sponsored and Christian Music Concerts

    Concerts lately (and continuing in the near term) have been solo piano. In May I performed at the Elmer (NJ) Presbyterian Church, and the St. Marks United Methodist Church in Easton, Md. In June I've performed in concert with the Midiri boys at Chestertown (Md) Church of the Nazerene and on 6/26 presented a worship concert at the Trail Church of the Nazerene in New Freedom, Pa. both events went well and were very well recieved. In July, the Kingstown Trio (read below for more info) debuts in Chestertown. I also make the trek to Martinsburg, WVa for a solo concert. The article below will detail the upcoming concerts and Jazz Vespers services at Chestertown Church of the Nazarene. Over the next few months, I expect the number of concerts "on the books" to increase noticably. Stay tuned.

    Concert Series and Jazz Vespers News

    Back in March, I announced, in this newsletter, the lineup for the "Second Sunday Concert" series at the Chestertown (Md) Church of the Nazarere. It's time to update the schedule, and announce the artists for the Jazz Vespers services (taking the second Sunday slots for Sept.-Jan.).

    On July 10, the Kingstown trio will be presenting it's debut concert. The trio has actually existed for over two years, and forms the nucleus (piano, bass, drums) of the instrumental music and service accompaniment ministry at Chestertown Church. We have developed some really neat "smooth jazz" arrangements that we present as preludes and postludes in the worship service (!). We're taking it now a step further by establishing a seperate identity (from the church), and beginning work on a new CD: "smooth jazz for worship" (or something like that). It will be a fun evening - as will the concert of vocalist Tim Dove on Aug. 14. Then comes the Jazz Vespers services...

    • Sept. 11 - The New Legacy Jazz Band
    • Oct. 9 - Dave Shiff;sax, Bruce Kaminsky; bass, & Joe
    • Nov 13 - Vocalist Sue Matthews
    • Dec 11 - In-house talent (including the Kingstown Trio)
    All "Second Sunday" series concerts begin at 6pm, all Jazz Vespers services begin at 5pm. Keep in tocch with the church website for more detailed info on each concert.

    Product in focus

    This month's featured recording is not a part of the "Joe Holt's Notes" label, but rather one of several recordings by other artists in which I perform or am featured. "Norman Satchell (on tenor saxophone) plays Bill Hollis" is a collection of original "easy listening" jazz tunes composed by Philadelphia area pianist/composer Bill Hollis. In recent years Bill has had health problems that have impeded his ability to perform. When Norman began his consideration of this project, he asked me to step in and perform Bill's tunes in his place. I know Bill personally (though I haven't seen him for some time), and considered this an honor. This original recording (a sequel came later) was completed in the late 1990's and features only two musicians: Norman and myself. When we went into the studio, I played two roles; first, as bass player (using the keyboard), then overdubbing two hand piano. This is not dissimilar to the "left hand bass" style of playing which I often do, except that I still got to use my left hand to play piano. After Norman recorded the saxophone tracks, the recording engineer added some electronic percussion (when I wasn't looking). It is different being essentially a "sideman" on a recording (most musicians whom you hear on recordings are) than it is to be wholly responsible for a project and have full creative control. The recordings that I list (and which will be featured in coming issues) that are not mine (but on which I am hired to perform) will provide a variety of music for you to (hopefully) enjoy. If you like easy listening jazz, then you'll enjoy this one.

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